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Some Centaurs I sketched at work.
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I very much kike this piece of artwork.  Very well done.  Thank you :-)
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Like the deer taur with a regular centaur.  Love the idea. 
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Deer-taur and fashion... Now I can die in happiness!
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Wow, cool ideas for centaur fashion! :)
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I like the deer one! :)
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The soft shading and sketchy lines make for such a beautiful image! I love their clothing designs as well Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
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They're so smooth and soft in style, and it's fascinating to look at. Excellent work!
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I'll double what some have already said in that I love the scaling/proportionality between both aspects of both cervine and equine 'taurs!

The added differences between attire means more than just different personalities between the two ladies, but also of culture, which would make sense to me.

Excellent all around!
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Excellent proportions of anthro to quadruped there!  and good clothing designs..  :) 
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They look lovely.
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Ohh they are beautiful! I really love the soft shading ^ - ^
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Hope to see more ;)
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Beautiful Taurs!!!
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These are splendid.  The doe is lovely and graceful, the mare elegant and beautiful, the clothing and jewelry are inspired.  I'd love to see this colored, but you've already earned a Favorite! Thank you for sharing this!
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Beautiful :heart:  Love the outfits too..
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Thanks :> Glad you like them!
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A deer and a horse?
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Yes :) They are a pair.
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love the shading
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Why thanks :) I was super unhappy with the shading first, but now i'm ok.
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really i like it
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