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Sitting on a branch... Oh Yeah

Lester and Ferris sitting happily on a branch.
Textures by Myself. ;)
Maybe I should share these too. ^^
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the little raven killed me XD
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
He did? Bad raven!
(Thank you so much. :3)
Spirito666's avatar
yes very very bad raven D:
( welcome ^^ )
kargaroc586's avatar
I honestly don't think you'd want to return to normal size if you've befriended a raven like that :)
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Nevurrr.  XD
Its fun size. ;D
Slave2Karma's avatar
Haha, I really like the crow grinning from the corner of its mouth. :D
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Thank you. XD
He is such a happy bird most of the time.
Lester is a friendly tame common raven. (But actually its really difficult to see a difference)
Slave2Karma's avatar
I read that RIGHT after commenting derp herp derp XD 

May I ask what his story is about, or is it top secret? 
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
There is a story behind it. Im still working on it. Its complicated. But the main thing is that Ferris on the right got shrunk by some criminals and he bacame friend with the raven. There are a couple of more characters playing a role in this. I started to make a comic. I just wait until I have enough pages to finally start posting.
Slave2Karma's avatar
Well I'd love to check it out when it's available. ^_^ 
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Thank you.  ^^
Its till a lot of work to do. I even just have 2 and a half page finished.
Slave2Karma's avatar
I'll be sure to keep my eye out for it then! It looks and sounds very interesting! ^_^ 
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Thank you. Its still a lot of work.
Zoltan86's avatar
Very nice piece! :)
Biali's avatar
Hehe, Lester looks like she wants to say: You think this branch is nice, come along and I show you something even more awesome".... Or maybe I read too much into it XP
I can't wait to use your textures!
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Yes, maybe she wants to show him way more.
How the city looks from far above or maybe some secret places only a bird can reach and no human ever saw before. :D
Birvan's avatar
I really love the effects and color transition you did on the background, it's really awesome

Though I can't help to wonder if you should add a bit of texture on the foreground as well. But only if you want to give the idea it was all painted on texture paper. I dunno...
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
I had the same idea. Yeah. And I really thought it through. There is already a texture on the foreground. Its this one --> card board grey by DarthFeatherpants
So I moved it At the first layer and back behind the outlines again. It was a pretty hard decition because both looked good in a different way.
But I choosed this one because I like strong outlines very much I love black and white comic style stuff.
Maybe your right and it would fit better into the scene If I choosed to leave the texture at the first layer as it was in the first time, it would make it look softer.
Im  big fan of strong outlines. When I do them I always make shure you can see every part of it. Even when it doesn't really fit into the scene.  XD

The color transition was tricky. I copied the background tree times and shifted the color. Green for the tree side and blue for the sky side. And something inbetween in the middle.
Then I created a transparent layer and make a black gradient from black to transparent. for the tree regions. I selected after Alpha Layer and erased these parts in the first two background layers so I have some kind of rainbow effect. Then I combined the three background layers to one. (It wasn't necessasary but I try to keep the file size down because I don't have enough main memory in my pc)
Birvan's avatar
I don't think there's any real right or wrong. It all depends of the type of message/idea you're trying to send

Maybe you should make a tutorial about that. It sounds really interesting =D
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Maybe I should ^^. When I find some time. ;)
Birvan's avatar
I'll be waiting x3
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