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Wyn and Christopher Colour

Repost. Better scan.

Wynter and Christopher from The Moorehawke Trilogy [link]

Had a few minutes to spare this morning while waiting to go somewhere.
Thought I’d distract myself with some colours. Just a rough, quick sketch.
The B&W version is here [link]

Thanks to the wonderful Kathleen :iconmoonfreakformula: for having inspired me to try a new way of digital colouring. how liberating it is!

I'd love any comments or criticisms you might have, so please, do give me your reactions.

Celine Kiernan ( aka tinycoward) owns all copyright to the characters, names and situations portrayed in these illustrations.
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© 2008 - 2021 tinycoward
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I'm in love with your books AND drawings! Lovely! :D I love this couple so much...but not as much as Ashkr and Solmundr. They were definitely my favourite couple out of the series!
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Thank you so much. Oh Ash and Sól! Possibly the truest love story of the whole lot.
FallenCherryBlossom9's avatar
Agreed! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to draw a picture of them together if you have the time?
tinycoward's avatar
Like this one maybe? [link]

Or do you mean one of them kissing?
FallenCherryBlossom9's avatar
Yes! kissing or when Sol's face was in Ash's neck just before Ash and Embla are sacrificed. It's a sad scene but also a beautiful one, I think :)
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OK! I'll do something like that for you soon :)
FallenCherryBlossom9's avatar
Really? YAY! :D thank you!
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This is one of my faves! I love the hair on both characters- kinda random, I know, but I do! (:
tinycoward's avatar
I do so love to draw hair :)
rainbowpanda0's avatar
Haha, I think drawing the hair is one of the funnest parts, aside from the clothing. (:
By far the best in the lot. A wealth of emotion comes from this simple sketch and portrays the characters more deeply and profoundly than the "comic book" atmosphere. The blend of ink plus colors is fabulous. Would love to see more like this! Love the book set very much too!!!
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Ah, thank you so much! Its a very very quick pencil sketch that I coloured in photoshop. It (and farewell) are my favourites :)
grouchywolfpup's avatar
ooo, this is pretty.
i really like the whole style of this--its really unique.
and the poses and expressions are lovely!
great work!
tinycoward's avatar
Thank you! It's so funny that you should like it, Christopher being what he is and all :0D
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