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Reunion Colour

Well here it is at long last. The postcard, colour version of Razi and Wynter’s reunion. from The Poison Throne [link]

The colour work on this nearly bloody killed me, but I think I learnt a lot from doing it. I think the problem is that I’ve been approaching these promo drawings as if they were comicbook panels and then, when it gets to the colouring, I freeze up due to the ink lines.

On the next drawing ( Wynter and Christopher tackle Jusef Marcos. From the Thwarting The King chapter of Poison Throne. ) I think I will post the ruff, then an ink as usual. But then I think I shall take a leaf from the wonderful Kathleen [link] and go back and colour the pencil sketch and not the inks. See if that suits this style better. It should be interesting at least.

If you would like to see the ink for this illustration, it is here [link] You might like to check it out, because it also has an excerpt from the chapter.

I'd love any comments or criticisms you might have, so please, do give me your reactions.

Celine Kiernan ( aka tinycoward) owns all copyright to the characters, names and situations portrayed in these illustrations.
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This is amazing i really like it!!

I love all your work!!

This is a fave, deffinatly!


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Thank you so much Allekat, and thank you for the other fav's too!
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now THIS! is bloody amazing!!!
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LOL! *hugs Anna*
Hello sweetie! How are you?