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Ashkr and Solmundr

So I finally succumbed and let myself draw some of the characters from The Crowded Shadows: Book Two of the Moorehawke Trilogy [link] Of course it had to be Ashkr and Sólmundr, and of course I had to include Christopher Garron too!

So, here is Christopher with Ashkr ( in the foreground) and Sól. Anyone who has read the book can make a good guess what Ashkr is looking at.
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i dont remeber wat they are looking at is it Wynter?!? i've read the poison throne and the crowded shawdows twice and no body told me the last one was out .
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It's not an actual scene from the book (it's a deleted scene) but the implication is that they are looking at ... um ... a big fire :)

So chuffed that you read both books twice! think Reebel Prince has been out in NZ for a few weeks now, so you should be able to get it now (if you want)
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TWO WEEKS !!!!! i'm going to read them again then buy that BOOK ! oh ya i LOVE THEM i want the books to go on and on and on FOREVER !
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Two weeks? LOL! OK. I hope you enjoy the last one, let me know, ok?
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i love this picture and i love ashker and solmunder!.i was on the verge of tears at the end of the crowded shadows:)
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Thank you so much! They are two of my very favourite characters!
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I love this! It's so pretty, i love how you made it look like one of those old fashioned portrait shadow dealies! Love!! :love:
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*hugs G till she pops*
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I NEED TO READ THIS BOOOOOOK :icongwahspinplz:
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LOL! That icon is hilarious!!

You only have to wait til September.
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but that feels like forever....! :iconimmadplz: hehe yeah, some icons are awesome ^^
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