May Monthly Challenge: Sci-fi and Space

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The way our challenges work is each month members will be asked to create a new art piece based on the theme chosen by Digitalists admin. The themed art work must be submitted by the deadline to the corresponding challenge folder via the group favourites. Once the deadline has approached the admins of Digitalists will announce the winner who will receive a 3 Month Premium or 636 Points and feature all of the participants from the month!

There is a countdown ticker on the group front-page so everyone will know exactly how much time is left to submit their art. The folder for the current month's challenge is located in the group's favourites. You can find it here: May Monthly Challenge Folder

May Monthly Challenge: Sci-fi and Space

Bullet; Blue The theme for May is: Sci-fi and Space (your art must be sci-fi or space themed to be considered!)
Bullet; Blue One entry per person.
Bullet; Blue The entry must be a new piece of art based on the monthly theme.
Bullet; Blue We ONLY accept Digital entries! Meaning, you can create your art using ANY medium (ie: vector, vexel, animation, fractal, etc., etc.) as long as it is digitally created! ALL none digital entries will be declined!
Bullet; Blue  All references must be properly credited or your entry will be disqualified.
Bullet; Blue  The theme must be integrated into your entry or it will be disqualified.
Bullet; Blue All entries must have a remark in the deviation's artist description that the art piece was created for the Digitalists monthly challenge to be accepted (you can leave a link/thumb of this journal if it is easier).
Bullet; Blue The entry must be submitted to this folder: May Monthly Challenge Folder by the deadline.
Bullet; Blue Deadline: Point Right Point Right Point Right May 31, 2015 @ 11:00PM PST Point Left Point Left Point Left 

    Note You can track each month's challenge deadline via the group's front-page countdown!

    Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and don't worry we will still have our regular chat events for even more chances to win premiums and Points

    So, now it is up to you the members of Digitalists to submit your entries to us! We look forward to seeing all the amazing art you come up with! Oh, and remember the point of the challenge is to have fun!

    Note If you have questions or concerns please comment on this journal.


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:D Yes!  I will be submitting an entry for this one, right up my alley!