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Super Stomp Sisters V1.7

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Location  Mushroom kingdom
Super Stomp Sisters

Version 1.7 - Final version
Release year: 2011

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I just played it and i love it getting squashed flat under the princess's shoes daisy is my favorite

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Is the pokemon squash a file you move into the main games files? Or a full game

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Can you convert it to apk for Android plz

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Hi! can you create a similar game, where giant princess stomp other princess each other with heels?
Like, heel, vs heel. Pisa pe.
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Hack Version

Download Code doesn't work Please fix it
it must be gmk

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I think I asked this. But can this run on tablets?
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I need help. how should i press the buttons in the menu
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My favourite game from your whole collection. But one suggestion, you should make Daisy's Shoe more beautiful. I mean it doesn't look so sexy as others heels. Hope you'll listen.
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i'm lisening
daisy shoe is ugle because i di not have any other nice shoe model at the time and because i dont want to repeat the same model used for the other girls
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Ok. I love you ,man. You've done a great work by creating this game. Thanks for the reply.
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The Mod Pokemon Squash:
When you arrive at level 49, the game ends without doing anything, it does not start and I leave it without end, you must correct the level and possible the last levels until you see the end and the credits.
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How can i keep unlocked all the levels?
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the game save your progress automacticaly and keep the levels unloked
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How to increase the time of level 4 and make the time more than 1:45 please explain

I use Game Maker 8.0 and It works well

I'm beginner
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open the obj_control_game and find the create event
on the create envent find a piece of code called clock setup
open the clock setup code and edit all the game level time as you wish
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Thank you 😍😍
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will this game work on Windows 7 desktop?
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Yes, it works. Mine is Windows 7 ultimate and it works perfectly.
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please What programs i should use to modify this game and thank you
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Use Game Maker 8.1
Use this exactly version. Do not use 8.0 or 8.2 or game maker studio
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i want new version please please
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I cant do a new version of this now because i'm busy with others games projects.
You can try to do a MOD version of this using the game code on the downloads above.
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Do any of these have a bare foot mod?
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