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Breeding: 1

Everyone at the reserve was anxious. The person who was the most anxious however, was the head of the stables, Georgina Whitney. Not only was she in charge of the stables, but she was in charge of a specific stable. The Flok stable.

The reserve was known for rescuing a rare and valuable species called Floks that could be separated into four subtypes, much like humans have the male and female sexes but multiple genders. There were Alphas and Carriers, and those could each be split into two. Alphas had normal Alphas, and Chief Alphas. The Chiefs were the strongest and/or most handsome in the group. The reserve didn't really run in such a way where there were Chiefs, but Georgina supposed if she had to pick out of the three Alphas they had, their red one with no group would be the Chief. The Carriers had a similar subtype, a Queen, or simply put, the Alpha of the group's favorite Carrier.

Here at the reserve, if you simply looked at the two groups they had, it would be hard to tell which of the Carriers were Queens. They were lucky to have caring Alphas who treated all their Carriers equally. The only way you'd be able to tell is by looking at them during the night. The Queens always slept on top of the Alpha, or right in his arms if the Alpha slept on his side. That was the only way that people who did not work in the stables could tell.

As for Georgina, she had simply asked the two Alphas. Their black Alpha could understand humans perfectly and occasionally make a human word, and at least four of the Carriers could understand humans slightly. All of them were learning. The black Alpha had pulled over his Queen when she asked him, and the orange Alpha had pointed when she asked, using one of his Carriers as a translator.

They had three Alphas in total, a black one with eight Carriers, an orange one with four Carriers, and a red one who had none at all.

And what was stressing Georgina so much was that they were about to give the red Alpha a Carrier they had recently rescued. The poor little thing had been abused terribly and had never bred before. He was small and had been used to feed all the extra hatchlings that the home had. All of the Carriers there had been bred with far too many times, and couldn't feed all of the hatchlings. Since this one had no hatchlings, he was forced into feeding all the extras, which had taken a heavy toll on his mental and physical state. He was drained of all the nutrients he needed, and was forced to see so many abused and neglected babies, and so many cruel Alphas. They weren't exactly sure of how badly that had affected his mind, but they just knew he was absolutely terrified of breeding.

It had taken a long time to heal him and get him to not scream in fear and shake whenever someone entered his vision. He trusted Georgina the most, and if new people came in, he would only be slightly calm if she held him or picked him up. Since strength was not her stronghold, she didn't like picking him up. It was worse if he panicked. He'd scream and shriek so loudly it would stress out the rest of the Carriers in the stable, and make the Alphas uneasy.

Everyone hoped the little Flok, whom they had named Six (due to a six lined mark on his lower back), wouldn't panic as soon as he was left alone with the red Alpha. They also hoped the Alpha wouldn't hurt Six and would actually accept him. He had rejected the last two Carriers they put in with him, and the two had somehow been moved to their orange Alpha. No one could figure out how the two got into the neighboring habitat. The walls were concrete and the doors were heavily locked.

Georgina and another one of the reserve workers were leading Six into the stables. He was trembling terribly, smelling all the other Floks. His pointed ears twitched uneasily, and his brown eyes darted. Georgina felt bad for him. So nervous. She was almost certain he was bound to get rejected. He was so unappealing. Sure he was cute and had adorable blue hair, but he lacked the features owners and buyers would look for in a Flok. He looked practically like a person!

Floks were humanoids with lots of feathers, but Six had hardly any. Sure Carriers often didn't have many feathers, but they'd have clumps in certain places. Six had a few on his ears, his elbows, his feet, and that was it. The feathers were small and a bit scraggly. They would probably fall out soon and never regrow. He had been declawed by his previous owner so he wouldn't fight back or harm any hatchlings he was forced to feed. All his teeth had filed down so they looked human instead of being sharp. Again, to prevent resistance and hurting hatchlings. He had no tail, and his wings must have been removed at a young age, since he had faint scars of where they once were on his back. It wasn't a problem to be born without a tail and not have wings, as wings were rare in Carriers, but Carriers almost always had a tail. It was unattractive to have neither. You either had both or just one of the two.

The red Alpha they were giving him to had all the desirable traits a Flok needed, minus wings. His had been removed as well, at the reserve, but only because they were causing him pain from being broken beyond repair and unusable. He was covered in red, orange and black feathers and fur, had a strong long tail and long pointed ears, big claws, sharp teeth, black horns, and even some scales.

Normal owners would horrified and disgusted at even the thought of putting such an 'unattractive' Carrier and such a handsome Alpha together, but Georgina hoped it was for the best. Putting Six with either of the other Alphas would have been a very bad move. Sure the other two were very loving to their Carriers, but Six would do terrible with their personalities.

The orange Alpha was far too energetic and social, and would overwhelm Six in an instant. He also bred quite a lot with his Carriers, and had multiple ones pregnant at all times. He just loved small Carriers who looked cute, and would be begging to breed with Six. He also paid special attention to new Carriers, treating them like a Queen for over a week. It would be a nightmare. Six had too many bad experiences with being around too many pregnant Carriers and Alphas who loved breeding.

The black Alpha had been a maybe, but Six again would have been overwhelmed. A large group was a huge no for Six, and being added to a group of eight other Carriers would be too much. The Alpha was also very caring towards newbies and would no doubt try to spoil and be extra kind to Six. Since the blunet had come from an environment where he received next to nothing of what he needed, and was treated as dirt, being given so much would give him a break down.

Their red Alpha was a bit of a mystery. He was extremely desirable, but he showed no sign of ever wanting to interact with anyone. He barely made a sound and stayed curled up in the center of his habitat, sulking. He refused to come out, and as far as they knew, had never bred before. They had no idea how he would act with such a weak and small Carrier.

Georgina was worried about one thing the most. Sure she was worried how he would react to appearance, but how would he react to Six's scent? How would he react to a Carrier he had never meant who had his own scent in his blood? She hadn't told anyone but one of their veterinarians, but when Six had arrived, he had lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion. The red Alpha had a matching blood type, the rarest kind, so she had taken some of his to give Six. No doubt the scent was strong, since she had used quite a bit. She wasn't even sure that Six knew.

Hopefully if the red Alpha did attack, the scent would at least make him hesitate so they could get Six out of there and try to figure out where to place him. Georgina opened the door to the red Alpha's habitat and looked in. "This is Miss Whitney! I'm here with a new Carrier for you!" It was useless explaining, the red Alpha didn't understand humans. It was more of a warning that they were inside.

She spotted him lying in his usual spot. Up high in the center on his favorite spot. The habitat was designed with his favorite place in mind. He liked rocks, streams, and heat, so they had made a habitat full of rocks that made little hills. There was grass and a few streams that made small pools. A few spots had a little grove in them that were like nests, and they were heated from the underneath. A small cave had been made in the back.

Six had clung to her arm, and shook even more seeing the Alpha. Georgina knew that he had realized how big and desirable the red Alpha was, and he seemed terrified. She pried him off and gently pushed him forward. "Now now, it's alright. You two just need to meet each other!"

The Alpha watched them intently with interested yellow eyes. He began to push himself up. Georgina stood Six about twenty feet from the center hill, patted his head, and exited the habitat. She closed the door and locked it. The worker who had come with her had a tablet out.

Now to see how it went. The tablet was turned on and they selected the cameras. They could watch what was going on from the camera in the habitat. Georgina sighed seeing that Six had run back to the door and was trying to open it. The Alpha was fully stood up and was stretching. He must have been asleep before they entered. It was a slight relief to see that he actually had pants on for once. Six would probably be panicking a lot more if a naked Alpha was coming towards him. That would shout 'BREEDING' to anyone. Six was desperately trying to open the door. Realizing he couldn't get the knob to open, he resorted to banging on the hard door.

The Alpha jumped down from his hill and made his way over to Six to check him out. Six spun around when he heard the Alpha approaching and went pale as a sheet. His whole body quaked in fear. It was easy to see, even on the camera.

Six was horrified, there was no question about it. He pressed himself against the door, gulping. He didn't know what to do. An irritated looking Alpha who was undoubtedly a Chief in his mind was walking straight towards him. His instincts were screaming for him to curl up on the ground in submission. There was no way he could escape, and no way he could fend off the Alpha. He didn't have claws anymore so he couldn't do his old trick of scratching the eyes of an attacker. Six believed that he was going to be killed. He was pathetic, small, weak, unattractive, he didn't deserve to be in the same room as this Alpha. Submitting was the safest thing he could do, but he couldn't move a muscle.

Three things could happen to him. He could be killed, that was the first and most likely guess. Second, he could be left alone. Highly unlikely but maybe he could just huddle in a corner and be taken away. Thirdly, the Alpha might just force him to breed with him, which was worse than being killed. He didn't want to become pregnant. He'd just end up like all the other Carriers from his old home. Worn out, half dead, and utterly depressed from having the babies taken away before they could even suckle. He didn't want that to happen if he ever had hatchlings, he didn't want them to end up like those mindless neglected hatchlings he was forced to feed until they were sold too young or died in front of him.

The Alpha stopped a step in front of him. Tears brimmed at his eyes, threatening to spill. The Alpha bent down a bit to sniff him properly and really look at him. Six whimpered and burst into tears. The Alpha was startled and jumped back, slipping and falling down. Six kept crying, absolutely paralyzed by fear.

Having never seen a Carrier cry just by being approached by an Alpha, the red Alpha was dumbfounded. A small Carrier had just been shoved into his cell, smelt slightly like him even though he had never seen him before in his entire life, and was now bawling his eyes out. He stared at him from the ground.

Why had they sent this Carrier of all Floks to him? Even he knew that no owner would dare pair up a Carrier this undesirable with himself. They had no features, were declawed, looked very abused, and didn't seem in any shape for breeding. The reserve's purpose was to get their population up while rescuing them, so a Carrier who couldn't breed should have been isolated or sent to the black Alpha.

Still extremely confused, he wanted the little guy to stop crying so he could know why he had his scent. He scrambled back up and brushed himself off. He reached out for the blunet, but was even more shocked as Six fainted. The blunet's knees gave out as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Georgina and her coworker were also startled as Six fainted on the screen. They were ready to burst in there and get Six out when they saw that the red Alpha kneeled next to him and appeared to be trying to wake him up.

The Alpha had never been more confused in his life. He was doing his best to shake the little guy awake, but he was out like a light. It worried him too. What if he died? Could he really have scared a Carrier to death just by going up to him? He noticed that the little guy felt a bit cold. An idea struck him. Maybe warming him up would wake him! He scooped the little guy up and climbed back up to his spot in the center. He laid down Six on the warmest spot and curled up around him. He was very furry, so he would help warm him up faster.

"Oh my gosh Tina, what do we do?" Georgina was at a loss.

"I don't know! Wait, isn't this what we wanted?"


"Look at that! The red Alpha didn't reject the Carrier we sent in! Maybe he just likes small Carriers! Like the orange Alpha, except it's more of a perverted fetish to Orange than anything."

As if they had heard, two of the Carriers in the orange Alpha's habitat started giggling. They must have heard through the barred window in their door.

Georgina thought for a moment. "I suppose. Or maybe it's because of how obvious Six is abused? Alphas do have a protective streak in them, some stronger than others."

"I wouldn't know. I'm in the bird department."

"They all have such distinct personalities, even the Carriers! Really Tina, people never believe me when I tell them! They think all the Carriers are boring and only focused on having clutches, and that the Alphas are like guard dogs who just want to snarl and breed."

"Same when I say it about turkeys, but hey, Floks are bird like so I don't doubt you."

"Turkeys have personalities?"

"Yes, Georgina, they do. Old Robert loves rock music, you know." Tina pointed out. The oldest turkey on the reserve didn't do anything but wheeze and sleep so Georgina didn't really understand how Tina could tell. But doubting her would be mean, so they just walked back to the medical center.
Bubba what's this why did you start another story??? Sobs I actually wrote this one a while ago and I picked it up again because I love the characters my sweet bird children.
I was inspired by a story kind of like this so I took my own spin on it and somehow it ended up really different by the next few chapters seriously the next 3 chapters are all about the orange Alpha's Carriers chattering I was carried away.
So we're not gonna see Six and the red Alpha for a while (although they'll be talked about) because we have to go through the other two groups and get a plot going.
No mpreg in this chapter but there will be in the next !

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