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Reaching for the Sun

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Taken on the 10-11-04

It was a nice and sunny day today so I decided to go out and take some photos of random things in the garden hehe. This is one of the good ones I took :yum: I remember learning in Science/Biology about how flowers face the sun, and grow up towards the sun because that's where they get alot of their nutrients and stuff =) I love seeing flowers all reaching towards the sun.... I imagine that they're stretching their arms really high, so they can try and touch it... like a little kid begging to be picked up by their parents, or trying to reach the cookie jar on the bench =D hehe

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wow! it looks like an space shuttle or something
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I love your work because it is never what I am expecting.
I like the unique perspective you take with everything, especially this photo.
I am not someone who likes flowers that much, but you've shown me that I only ever seem them from one viewpoint, where-as in essense there are many more that exist.
You have opened up my mind to flowers! Next time I see something I am bored with I will put myself in its position (haha, it's probably bored of me too) and look at the world as the flower sees it.
Nice, really good job Rhi!
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hehehe thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my work =) I enjoy yours aswell! I often wish I could see things from YOUR perspective! =P
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Heheh you have Reaching for the Sky... and now, THE SEQUEL! Reaching for the Sun :D

I like this photo - it's a really interesting angle, and it has very nice composition - with the flowers just so... and the sun, and the cloud. :) The sky is a nice shade of blue.
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hehehe yeah *grin* and I have angling for the heavens (the prequal LMAO)

You know... of the three photos I uploaded, this was the one I was the least sure about! Glad you like it =D