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Death of Fear

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Taken on the 13-11-04

There was a wasp hanging around the window that is right next to my computer the other day, and I was sitting here so scared that it would come and bite me (it looked angry!!).. and yesterday I found it lying dead on the floor (of natural causes of course...or possibly from the fact that it slammed itself repeatedly into the window so many times!). Anyway, decided I wanted to photograph it, so today I did. I wouldnt touch it though =P I used bits of paper to pick it up hehe
The yellow tint is not something that I did, it was the lighting I used... I forgot to white balance the camera.. but I of like it like this =)

Photoshop Work:
slight Colour Adjustment

Paintshop Work:
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hehe. you and dead wasps, me and dead moths. We make an interestingly morbid pair. :)
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This is good.. excellent ambiance.
Are you making a photo portfolio for tafe or anything?
Because if you are you should really put these latest ones in it.
This is excellent. I would never think to reduce background noise in such a way as to bring focus to the object of the photo like you have (by giving it a plain background). And the lighting, as you said, is awesome.
You bewilder me =)
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I stuck it on a piece of white paper =) But as you can see the light turned it a nice yellow because of the type of globe that it is.
Yeah, I'm making a portfolio... I have 4 of my latest photos in there, and only 1 that was taken a while ago. I'd probably put this one in too, but it has to be finished by monday... and I still have a few more drawings to do and frame!! *stressed*

:hug: Thank you for your comment =) I can't help but smile when I see that you've commented on my work =D
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Good luck for that portfolio. Is it this monday, today monday?
I hope you got it done on time =)
Let me know how you go!
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hehe yeah... today
didnt get in. oh well. not phased by it really... to happy with life at the moment to care
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This... is... excellent. I need a moment to stare at this.
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stare as long as you like =) I'm glad you like it
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I like the subtle tone to this picture. Nice job! :)
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