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Dota 2 - More friends

Давно хотела нарисоваць, но рисоваць торговца с его барахлом было оч лень) аднако выходные без интернета и вот XD
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where is mophling?:P
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Turned into Anti-Mage.
He's the one begging to Invoker.
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i got it:) thanks,friend
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Dat morphling xD
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Нужно что бы чаще инет у тебя падал) Больше шедевров!)
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Morphling ulti... :D D:d:D:D:D
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i see your comment,friend :)
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If you need anything about dota,im your men :)
Add me in steam same with dA !
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woah, it would be my pleasure XD
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Diffusal blade was break black king bar but now it doesn't :)
And im mostly play as support or tank
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i'm a beginner.i usually use morphling though i know he's a carry:)
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Лол. Очень круто. 
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барахло шикарно, отличный стёб, отличные эмоции, пробивная атмосфера, а исполнение в рисовке - высший класс, катаюсь по полу как ненормальный, который раз подряд накрывает.
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Haha, that made my day xD
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Wait how's that point of view? The Radiant secretshop jungle isn't like that... Anyway it's still funny
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Лол. Прикольно. И правда, с торговцем и шмотками отлично постаралась.
at the back of the head of the Dealer there is a LoL item (-.-)

But the image looks cool :P
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May i know which program did you use to make this art work? and would you mind to share some drawing tips?
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sure. It's Paint Tool Sai.
Ugm what tips are you interested in, exactly ?)
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