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Rainbow and Tank

By tintinabar
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I thought I grew out of drawing ponies 15 years ago. :D

Rainbow Dash & Tank - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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How is tank not falling though the cloud right now? Lol.
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Awesome picture 😄
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Adorable! Mind if I use this in a video! I'll give you full credit and a link in the description! :D 
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this picture makes no sense to me because rainbow says in sonic rainboom that only Pegasus ponies can walk on clouds so the fact that tank is on the cloud without falling off makes little to no sense at all
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Sorry, I know this comment is kind of old, but I just got around to replying so I can say pffft logic. He's Tank, he does what he wants. :D
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Well heres the thing I dont care I absolutely hate that turtle with a passion BC hes ugly, stupid and ruins everything and I believe he should be taken out of the series completely BC everytime I see him in an episode it ruins the whole episode. Also he didn't deserve to be dashes pet he just made her feel bad for him until she chose him which makes him a little crybaby
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avgnfan55Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmlptankplz: Haters gonna hate
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Whatever same fucking thing as a turtle
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Tank is utter love. I bet he provides her good dreams from his mojo. :D
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p-l-u-m-b-u-mHobbyist Digital Artist
-but.... how is it possible Tank not to fall off the cloud!? only pegasi can walk on clouds without falling...
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With friendship, anything is possible~ <3

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blades2012Hobbyist Artist
Awe so cute and amazing artwork keep up the good work!
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Thank you! :meow:
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Tank don't give a fuck about physics
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Turtles tortoises are magic.

Alternate answer: A reckless disregard for the laws of physics is contagious, like yawning.
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cottoncloudyfillyStudent Digital Artist
sleeping ponies are the best.nice art work you got.
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Thanks a lot! Sleeping ponies are totally the cutest. :aww: Although I'm not sure ponies are even capable of doing anything not cute.
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its so freakin cute!!
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Thank you! :meow:
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HawkbitternStudent General Artist
Tank looks so happy :squee:
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Aww, thanks!
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MioumiouneStudent General Artist
awsome !
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Thank you! :aww:
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