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NES Homestuck Kids Sprites

UPDATE: Troll sprites! [link]
Figured I'd submit this while it's still up to date.

NES-style sprites of the Homestuck Kids! I figured, it's cool that we get EarthBounds-style sprites of everyone, but why not have sprites that look like the regular art?

I put a lot of time into these, and they are 100% custom-made. I probably won't mind if you want to use these for stuff, but please ask me first.

Maybe I'll make some of the guardians / trolls later :o

MSPA and Homestuck are (c) Andrew Hussie
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© 2011 - 2021 TinSil
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Every one else: Can I use this for a game I'm making?

Perler artists: Hippity hoppity, this is now my property

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Is it okay if I can use this as reference?
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Since you said you won't mind if I use these sprites in stuff, can I use them as Skins for the Fangame "Super Mario War"? I'll also post them here in dA so people can use them in the game.
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Is it okay if I make some sprites based of these? I'm thinking of making a small, unimportant spinoff version, and I have tried making sprites (with very little success). So, I am wondering if this is okay, so I can say I have credited and gotten permission from you to make fan sprites of these NES sprites?
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I'm learning flash, and I really love Homestuck, may I use some of these sprites to make a platformer (particularly the Johns)?
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Jade is like, not dead yet! Or is she...?
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this reminded me of how i want to make talk sprites for all the characters. to bad i suck at drawing. :(
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WOW.... Just wow! This is beyond amazing. I can't even put into words how great these look...... For someone who has tried making sprites before this is just so plain incredible I can hardly speak let alone talk about how great these are..... WOW....
Oh, and same applies to the Trolls.

the two pages you linked to a few comments below.
I ask to use these for a game-type thing and/or to bead them, credit given for sprites whenever possible (to TinSil) and yadda yadda won't make any money.
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great sprite work. :)
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I clicked this thumbnail expecting halfassed "RETRO XDDD" sprites. These are beautiful. I spent about five minutes staring at this sheet, zoomed in. Beautiful work.
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would i be able to use one of these for an icon here on dA?
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They're so awesome <33 Could I bead some of these?
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Oops, I forgot about this >_<
I beaded some of these...
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Probably should've asked first, but I used these graphics in a game I'm working on.


Basically, it's a rom hack of Super Mario World with the kids instead of, well, Mario.
Please don't be mad!
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hey, can I use these to make some sprites of the trolls in this style? I'll give u credit!
Sure :D
By the way, I made some troll sprites already: [link] and [link]
so those might be helpful to you too?
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Yeah, probably. U can check out some of my homestuck sprites on my gallery! And thanks for the links. I will probably fave both of them.
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Holy amazing! This is awesome!
:D Glad you think so!
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theyre just awesome. ^.^
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