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Repeating lace on mesh pattern by Tinselfire Repeating lace on mesh pattern :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 8 6 To Democracy by Tinselfire To Democracy :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 14 13 Keep believing by Tinselfire
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A red bite
  Among the first faces Sigsten could remember seeing was the enormous white muzzle and cold black nose of doctor Klein. The old lone wolf had given him a pat between his ears as he sat on his mother's lap, as is the way of canids everywhere and in all ages, and though Sigsten forgot the words he never forgot the doctor's peculiar accent, at once coarse and melodious, yet unmistakably as Danish as his own.
  From that moment on the little ferret never could imagine why the other cubs were ever so afraid to see a doctor. Of course, a growing ferret kit soon forgets how to easily fear, so perhaps he never would have understood anyhow. Still he would never have admitted he almost enjoyed the weekly visit to the pediatrician. The office of doctor Klein smelled on one paw homely of old oak, as the study of a scholarly grandfather, and on the other of exotic substances in lines of glass phials and decanters and other such things that rouse the curiosity of young boys given to think
:icontinselfire:Tinselfire 9 17
Otter, timothy, birch by Tinselfire Otter, timothy, birch :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 67 28 Accident by Tinselfire Accident :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 11 10 Anthro Challenge #152: Foxblaster 2 by Tinselfire Anthro Challenge #152: Foxblaster 2 :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 28 17 Raid boss by Tinselfire Raid boss :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 30 10 SaO WIP by Tinselfire SaO WIP :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 11 14 Household tender by Tinselfire Household tender :icontinselfire:Tinselfire 22 16

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I often have the opportunity to joke that my childhood hometown is "not exactly the cultural capital of Sweden". But any joke with specific references has a tendency to turn out dated, and it seems this one has gotten the inevitable honour. After Art square 2018, must sadly conclude that when it comes to visual arts the cultural life in town is perhaps not necessarily dead - but in human terms, it is well past twenty seconds of cardiac arrest.

To make a long story short, Art square used to be a fairly large one-day art show hosted in the city square. At its peak, about ten years ago, it used to attract around 150 artists, but a dwindling number of local artists and increasingly poor management has left it a shadow of its former self. Currently the show is hosted as a small part in a larger family event, and the last few years Art square has drawn less than ten artists. The last two years, three including myself.

This year, one. Including myself. Nobody else signed up.
Sadly, I have a fairly good idea why.

First, there is the generational factor. The visual artists - and by that I mean all traditional visual arts, from drawing and painting to sculpture, textile and photography - of the older generation are either dying off, lack the physical or mental health for showing, or have never been interested in public display. Locally, there is no younger generation to replace them. And I am not one to talk, currently living 100 miles away.
Second, the management has been less than stellar. In the words of my curator - a far more straight and honest person than myself - it has been "catastrophic". With the facts at hand, I feel obliged to concur: The event was poorly announced, the website has not been updated in the whole past year, and the announced schedule has been incorrect almost hour by hour. Not just for Art square, but for the event as a whole. There in turn there are a number of apparent reasons: Understaffing, the whole event is managed by one person; incompetence, some of the scheduling errors have been reported months ago and not remedied; and perhaps wilful negligence - in past years the municipal leadership has very much intentionally marginalised the visual arts.
If Art square is going to remain a part of local culture, it will need a whole lot of work. I love my old hometown, and it hurts to see how some things have turned out.
There is at least one well-intending person in the current management: Considering breaking her out to see if we can restart Art square under own management. But considering my past leadership experience, perhaps it would only make things worse.

Nevertheless, I did attend today. And for what it was, it was good.

Marten painter by Tinselfire
The marten painter was quite well received.

Temeraire by Tinselfire
The fighting Temeraire made quite a successful second year as well.

Perhaps most important, I learned something that may prove valuable. In my little corner of the square not a lot of people passed through to begin with, but most who stopped for a look had much in common. First, many asked about the quantitative aspects of painting - most were awed by the answer that I spend anywhere from 10 to 100 hours on a piece, refusing to listen to reason about skill and efficiency. Second, only one person asked about the subjects.
It is apparently easier to be impressed than to be interested. And perhaps there is no shame in this. There are a number of artists whose achievements awe me, but whose work utterly fails to keep my interest when it comes to the subject; this troubles me as a failing on my part, but perhaps it should not to the degree it does.

It is soon eight in the evening. It has been quite a long day - nevertheless, if Art square is still around in the year to come, I will attend again.

Love does strange things to you.


Repeating lace on mesh pattern

First attempt at creating a realistic repeating pattern. Did not come out realistic in the slightest, but learned a lot in the process.

If you would like to use this pattern, feel free.
By the heavens.

model box art by bogatyrkhan
If you have an interest in anthropomorphic animals, or an interest in military hardware, or if you just fondly remember the time when the box art of the Airfix Gloster Gladiator was unchanged for over thirty years, do give today's daily deviations a look if you have not already.
There is a real gem on display.
To Democracy
GIMP 2, about five hours. References used: Various screencaps from the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA and promotional photos of Gene Hackman as Stanisław Sosabowski.

It is election day in Sweden.
As sick as I am of politics, I remain immensely grateful that at the end of the day, I have the right to vote.

To democracy.
Keep believing
So we heard you like tapestries.
And there is only one tapestry that matters.
It ain't exactly portable or anything, and it ain't exactly on public display either. But just a peek lasts a long while.
Tommy-boy was kind enough to run one last job, just this once. He has his ways of getting in where he pleases.
Hey. Constance. Wake up, you big, deathly stripedog.
You got guests in the house.

Keep believing
Never stop dreaming
and know the dream can be achieved
One day or another
One way or another
Redwall will be ours to keep

GIMP 2 and mixed media, about fifteen hours of digital painting and post production.

For DrStoat10 and Zaphkiellane - though far off date, happy birthday!


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Painter, writer and occasional game developer, striving to someday support myself through what I love.

Education: Computer game design, University of Skövde

Drinks: Russian Earl Grey, Battery, Guinness

Wears: No name brand stovepipes, bootleg Julie Bell t-shirt, hiking boots

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izaya09 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
They closed the comments section lol. Surprised they didn't already on day one

To pick up where we left off [life/2429378] - Fursona.. learn a new term today. The furry fans I met online usually spread art with overlysexualised proportions. While I'm aware that's not all the anthro community has to offer and there's obscenity in every style, it's overwhelmingly much more apparent there than anywhere else. How do you feel about being inaccurately represented or if?

Ps. Zootopia was nice. And happy belated 34th birthday!
Tinselfire Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
Thank you <3 It was quite intensive and took me days to come down, so it does not feel belated.

I feel there is a variation of Sturgeon's law at work: 90% of all furry content is porn, but 90% of all other content is also porn. There is a lot of sexual content and it can really neither be denied nor defended, but there are no complicated reasons why it is there.
Besides, no point being hypocritical - I don't make adult content myself, but I certainly don't mind a cute fox boy once in a while when it gets lonely at night. Or girl for that matter; no point being excluding.

What gets me outright angry though is how many artists just draw what is basically human porn with animal snouts and tails slapped on. Call it pretentious, but if you are going to design human-like animal characters and then do nothing with them, it is just lazy and pointless. I have not found a good time to publish it, but written an essay about things that are just plain wrong with "yiff" - none of the points are moral, but most of them are symptomatic of lazy design.

But that is just me.
izaya09 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome 

"Yiff", yet another new term!

I see, what about in the morning?


I didn't notice this earlier but that's you and your rainbow hair. Wow a head turner I bet

Wait, you lost me with the latter paragraph. "What gets me outright angry though is how many artists just draw what is basically human porn with animal snouts and tails slapped on." Is actual furry porn supposed to be any different..? Ah it has to have literal furs? ohyeahyouregonnahavetoeducatemeonthis
Tinselfire Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
Well... it is a wig, but do turn heads once in a while.

I don't mind characters to have defined sexuality - it is only natural that adult characters do - but it gets tiresome seeing "characters" and situations that could as well have been humans with animal heads, tails and fur painted on.
For a fandom that has so much adult content and where the whole premise is that there are multiple intelligent species, the anthro community has always been quite poor at elaborating on how the sexuality of the characters functions in such settings. Which species can or cannot interbreed, and do hybrids exist? Are characters from species with seasonal mating patterns sexually inert the rest of the year, or just infertile? How does mechanical contraception work for species where males have barbs and the likes? Are ferrets and otters naturally violent and find biting and gnawing romantic? Are hyenas utterly out there anatomically? Do seasonally harem-keeping species still function in industrial societies, or have they been forced to adapt? And - perhaps more on the comical side - there can be so many questions about dogs and toys.

I don't necessarily like to see it - personally I "turn the camera and put on music" on the rare occasion my characters actually get to the act - but it just sad to see opportunity go to waste.
Maybe it is a self-perpetuating cycle: A lot of artists in the anthro community who would want to explore those themes don't, since one does not want to risk "contamination" from the less serious part.

I have tried doing my part writing a story about a couple who are struggling against infertility, and their being different subspecies and biologically out of sync is a major plot point. But it goes uphill.
(1 Reply)
coastbeachartist Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
                  bunneh icon14 by WeirdBunnehClub    Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7     Tuzki, hiper Tuzki by succubolilith    

                 Happy Birthday Tinselfire!

Thank you for sharing your amazing characters and worlds. You give inspiration to fans and artists alike.

We admire your artistic pursuits. The world is a much better place with your muse and talent within it.

Tinselfire, we wish for you that the coming year be filled with joy, health and prosperity in all of your art and life endeavors.



Applaud fella (Reactions)
Tinselfire Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018
Thank you, I am honoured to hear this. Here is to hoping that wish comes true - and I shall do my best to make it so!
EthanRedOtter Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Student Writer
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3DHappy birthday!!!Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  
Tinselfire Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018
Thank you <3
DancingLunarWolves Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday. ^^

Best of wishes to you and hope you have an awesome vacation!
Tinselfire Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018
Thank you, and indeed, it was awesome... in the proper sense of the word, almost overwhelming! But very good.
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