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Pinsir #127 - Realistic Pokemon

Well, this is actually the first thing I completely finished and dared to submit. I try to upload more in the future...
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FazbearLogan's avatar
ummm... Shroomish is a mushroom not a frog
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it's called realistic pokemon. a talking, walking mushroom isn't realistic.
FazbearLogan's avatar
still, it is kind of dumb to call a frog 'shroomish'. Can't he make it realistic without making it ann entirely different creature?
LoserPoint's avatar
this is the same case with his electrode picture. it's not a red and white ball.
even if he made a mushroom, it wouldn't be realistic. /if that's what you're saying
FazbearLogan's avatar
he can just make a realistic mushroom. Mushrooms exist in real life y'know
LoserPoint's avatar
of course they do, but shroomish the pokemon is a living, breathing, walking organism. a walking mushroom, like i said earlier, isn't realistic.
brenton522's avatar
Mushrooms may not walk, but they are living breathing organisms. Not every pokemon needs to be an animal, I would love to see some pokemon based on plants and other organisms.
LoserPoint's avatar
well, if you love/want them so bad, make some yourself or get someone else to do it. it makes some sense, and it would be cool i guess.
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FazbearLogan's avatar
he can make it realistic by not making it living and breathing. just a mushroom. because seriously, how can you make a frog called SHROOMish.
LoserPoint's avatar
it's not uncommon for a frog to have bumps or spots on it's back. those can be the mushrooms. the idea of just a mushroom is illogical.
apeman505's avatar
Aw man! I really have been looking for someone to draw a pinsir in this way, they always make it like there are horns coming out of its head rather than mandibles. Thank you for drawing this for us!! :D
Weirda-s-M-art's avatar
This concept is so neat~!

Awesome artwork :clap:
FBro's avatar
I quite liked !!
digitalbird06's avatar
Pinser looks awesome! What's the other one supposed to be?
TheFlamingPickle's avatar
I'd hazard a guess at shroomish.
onyx-riptide's avatar
I love how delightfully insectoid this looks! Absolutely splendid. Every bit of bug and intimidation that Pinsir should be. 
tsarinvisible's avatar
Pretty accurate to Arvalis's style
good job man
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Velink's avatar
ooh what is the frog on the left?
TinoWalter's avatar
It's shroomish, but I'm not quite statisfied with the design :)
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