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Fearless | Digital Painting

By Tino-artS
Another digitally created project.

Watch the "WIPs" video on YouTube: [link]

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Genius MousePen 8x6
6 hours of work

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© 2012 - 2021 Tino-artS
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That is some serious work! LOVE IT! Drawn by hand?
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Beautiful work ! 
Tino-artS's avatar
Yes, with a Genius tablet. :) You can see the progress video in the description. :)
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This is great~♡
chiltor's avatar
awesome the pattern on the beast is so cool love it!
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that's intense....good job!!
MrJmZack's avatar
She is indeed fearless, that Predalien looks like it means business.
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This kinda reminds me of Bluefley's [link]
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Yes, as I wrote bellow, this piece was a huge inspiration for me. :)
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this cant end well.
Mojo-Smileyface's avatar
Scary...but really interesting and an awesome image, your shading is really great and I like that slime green gungy look throughout!!! Awesome! :)
Tino-artS's avatar
Thank you! Glad to hear that! :)
amazing really love it!! i have a question ...can u do digital painting with desktop mouse? i have a galaxy tab too but i dont know the pen that u use for it...plse can u suggest the pen that u can use for galaxy tab, thanks in advance!!:)
Tino-artS's avatar
Thank you. :)
Yes. It can by done by mouse too, but it will take much more time. The main advantage of the graphic tablet is, that it have a "pen pressure" function, so you don't have to set opacity or brush size any time. Samsung Galaxy Tab is not a graphic tablet. I know Galaxy Note does support pen (Maybe Galaxy Tab too?), but it is only a classic pen stylus. There will be no pen pressure support, so it will be almost the same as with the mouse.
Thanks a ton for replying ..i will try to get a graphic tablet as soon as possible...:)
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i get the distinct feeling he's asking for a kiss! 0_o :blush:
Tino-artS's avatar
Heh. :D Why not. :D
fugimoto's avatar
hmm also i think he "french kisses" but don't qoute me on that! =7 lol
fugimoto's avatar
oooooooh i can think of a reason or two... or five! :sprint:
fugimoto's avatar
lol short list or long list!? :blush: :fuzzydemon: :sprint:
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