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Selling several of my viscets. I haven’t done anything with most of them, some of them do have art. Prices are negotiable on most, some more than others. I understand some of these have high prices- I am listing their original price, or the original price of the MYO ticket.

PayPal preferred, will consider points. No other payment forms accepted.

Quoted viscets have been sold, the new owners are listed underneath for my own records.

Solaire by Tinnuvari……
Solaire  - $24
Female (has been bred)
on hold -- troubleshark -- 1 week (friday the 17th)


(no thumbnail)……
Vaughn - $23
Male (has been bred)
** while I am not the original owner, I am the original purchaser of the MYO tickets. If I am not allowed to sell him, Mint Chip, let me know and I will remove him from this list. **…
hold for xosted202

Sephora by Tinnuvari……
Sephora - $24
(hasn’t been bred)


hold for leeaboo

(No thumbnail -- Custom lined )……

Tulvire - $100

(hasn’t been bred)
(custom lined-- 2 art pieces )

(no thumbnail)……

Annith - $3

(hasn’t been bred)

Ava Itemless by Tinnuvari
(custom lined)……

Ava - $230

Female (has been bred)

(no thumbnail)……
Zayla - $29
(hasn’t been bred)


on hold - nefariousmagpie

(no thumbnail)……
Charlotte - $30
(hasn’t been bred)



Listed in the bundles I purchased them in. You can buy the whole bundle, or I can "break them" and sell items individually. For broken bundles, I will find the official price of the individual items. If there isn't one, I will just divide the whole price by the number of items it contains, and price each individually as such.

MYO Bundle (Spring Sale 2018) - $17

x2 T1 MYO…

Doll SBP - $20…

Doll MYO - $20…