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Work in progress spaceship concept

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I like that a lot, as I can see how it's a transport. But also equally easy for a storyline where pirates harassing a trade route, turn up, and it turns out one of these is an armed merchantman, with that central cargo bay doors opening to reveal a instead of the usual cargo a weapons mount

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( Greetings from 2020 :D :wave: )
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This is my all time favorite cargo craft! I imagine something on my own mind of a 'Cargo Statue Craft/Vessil' with bipedal walker abilities admirable to a land dragon.

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...what an admirable spaceship design.
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It looks alot like the milinium falcoln from STAR WARS👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Love the intricate surface detail and the little refueling going on down there for scale and context. Nice
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Hello... Nice ship
I would like to make a 3D model of your ship...
would that be ok with you ...

Thank you
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I really like this concept Looks very robust and strong. Could be a transporter
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 I like it. It looks nice and rugged. A robust working vessel.
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Damn! I see that your design ended up in Infinity: Battlescape. I was hoping I would see this design in Star Citizen. Still, I'm glad I will get to see your Capital ship design in an amazing space sim. Do you know if you will be able to walk around the ships?
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Walking in ships is way out of scope for the game. Doing that properly will require a lof of extra dev time and money
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Man, I really wish design made it to star citizen.
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How Mod Friendly will Infinity: Battlescape be? I would love to see this game foster a mod community in much the same way Cities: Sklylines has. Great ship design by the way. It has just enough of an asymmetrical design to really stand out as a great ship. I would love to be able to have this ship be my base of operations while I explore. 
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We want to make it as mod friendly as possible, but without reaching a higher funding tier we won't be able to polish the tools. Its a long term goal, more money will make it happen faster/better.
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Intersting design
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I absolutely LOVE your work and I think this ship is superb. I can see the Millenium Falcon influences, but I think that this is better. How would you feel about someone making a miniature of this?
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I found this exact same here in space engineer: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles… Is this you?

anyway great design!
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Really Nice Conept ;)
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What will happen to this project? :)
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bay repaired
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Love this ship! do you mind if I post my clone build in Space Engineers on the Steam Workshop along with your original?

BTW: what is the class/name of this ship?
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You built this in Space Engineers? Kudos man.

Did you ever post it to the Steam Workshop? I'd love to see it and fly it around.
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What kind of armament are you thinking? 
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so I'm Not alone on this next, maybe will get Chewbaca next 
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