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"Am I allowed to love you?"
They asked me, as though love
somehow needed my consent.

Love was a wildfire, it was
thunder on the plains;
it was something
that happened to you,
the only choice was
how you rode the lightning.
If you sailed the choppy waters,
crashed upon the rocks, and
splintered into a million pieces
all in the name of "love"
then you chose wrong.

There was no patience in love.
No one had ever done me
the courtesy of knocking first
and one look was all it took to see
there was no shelter here;
there was not even a roof.

Just a million pieces,
shattered in someone else's name.

"It's broken," I said, expecting again
the storm, the rain, because Love did not wait.
To my knowledge, Love was not kind.

They said, "Don't worry."
(how did they know I worried)
"I have time."

And it wasn't the tempest or the blizzard,
it was ears that listened, eyes that saw me.
Hands that taught me to build, shape, grow
And let go, showed me to trust the weather.
The clouds that gathered darkened only
to water the grass beneath our feet.

A broken heart becomes a home in stages;
a hearth to warm up to, windows to throw open,
let the light shine through, and a door
where once you thought walls ought to be.
A million pieces make a strong foundation,
if you're willing to start over.

This time, they knocked.
This time, I answered.
sometimes you find the right one, sometimes they find you. :heart:
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FenixEscarlata Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Oh this so heartwarming and beautiful! A very wise election of the words you have hereee! I love it, I almost cried :love:
tinkertype Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Writer
Heartwarming, definitely what I was going for! This was written from the heart, and I want everyone to feel welcome to it C: thanks for reading, dear! 
Areejs Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aww this is a really sweet poem
tinkertype Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Writer
Thank you, thanks for reading. ^^
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