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Tinker Tie Reference Sheet

Finally finished this, after many many hours of work over the last few months - ever since the YourOCSucks started doing podcasts really, thanks for the inspiration/advice/motivation guys!
Some Meta-design comments: I've basically tried to ponify my current self and this is the result. Eyes, hair color & style is my own (thanks Bitgamer for the hairstyle idea), her coat is orange because I like/align with many of the qualities it contains - joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, etc - cutie mark silver & blue (my fav color combo) and a square knot which represents her special talent of collaboration/One-on-one teaching, as the knot itself only stays strong when both parts work together.

I am also slightly taller than average, heavyset, and currently overweight. ^^; Working on improving that last one though...

Character info below, things already featured on the sheet above will be smaller than the new info.
Download the image for the best quality :pointr:

Last Updated: 11/3/2016 - Now that I'm in Japan, figured it was time to update the info accordingly~

My realistic costume wings~ :floating:
Tinker Tie's Custom Color Palette, compatible with GIMP/Inkscape
Art © Sunnybrook1

~~~~~~~~CHARACTER INFO~~~~~~~~
NAME: Tinker Tie

NICKNAME: Tink, or Pumpkin (coat color & refers to birth name Pumpkin Pie - unrelated to Pinkie Pie...what? Pie is pretty common, the Mane 6 don't have a monopoly on food-related names...)
AGE: Adult (somewhere between the Mane 6 & Mrs. Cake)
RACE: Earth Pony

TALENT: Collaboration/One-on-one teaching
(Cutie Mark story in her bio)

BIRTH TOWN: Lacy, Washingstone
LIVES IN: Rifu, Neighpon

TIME ERA: Same as the Mane 6

LIKES: peppermint, dark chocolate, eating with friends, building useful and attractive things, sleeping in, playing multiplayer games, watching movies/animation, listening to music, singing karaoke, drawing, attending costume parties, fantasy and science fiction novels, looking at the art & creative results of others

DISLIKES: coffee, forgetting meetings or events, making a bad first impression, seeing others in pain, losing/misplacing important or valuable items, letting her friends down, awkward situations

PERSONALITY: Tinker is a deep, thoughtful pony, whether she is observing the world and ponies around her or contemplating on her own, but finds this makes multitasking difficult. It means she may seem random or ditzy when interacting with large groups of ponies, but completely out of it/unable to hear you when brainstorming. She is most balanced and comfortable interacting one-on-one or in small groups. Her favorite way to break the ice with a new pony is to tell a joke, make a complement, or share something yummy to eat.

She is generally happy and finds joy in sharing what she has with others, be it food, tools, supplies, or trinkets - if it will make a pony smile, Tinker will happily give it away. She has a strong sense of right and wrong for two things: grammar, and how to treat others*, and will unconsciously - though courteously - correct anypony around her that missteps. Beyond that her own opinions are loosely held things that she considers interesting, but never important enough to become points of contention. She dislikes conflict, and would rather find a compromise that will help other ponies get along.

Her largest motivation is from other ponies. Where she would be content to leave her bed unmade and her home cluttered, having a guest over makes her want to clean & tidy so that they feel welcome. This is detrimental however when she's far away from friends and family, or otherwise disconnected from others. The desire to get anything done drops quite a bit, making any action that isn't instantly gratifying more difficult. She still struggles with her self-discipline, but is slowly improving and takes solace in the fact that she is not alone in this.

*She believes that despite all their perceived differences and strife all creatures are part of the same family, and should treat each other love, kindness, and respect, and does her best to lead by example.

BEST FRIEND: her cousin KT (Kindly Tome, a librarian) that lives all the way in Spocanter, Washingstone

FAVORITE COLOR(s): Blue & White combo (but was ALL about Purple as a filly...)

FEARS: accidentally hurting others through her inattention, failure, the chance that she won't get to make up for a mistake, that she'll run out of time to finish becoming who she want's to be, scary rough'n-tumble-looking strangers (silly but true), and disappointing those around her.

FAMILY: Mother, Father, 3 sisters one brother (she's the middle child), various aunts, uncles, cousins, and sibling-in-laws that live in various parts of Equestria - she wishes she could visit them more :sighs: 

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Not looking, but on the lookout

STRENGTHS: sensitive to the needs of others, eager to lend a hoof, very smart, artistically talented and creative, positive and laid-back outlook, loves to help others learn new knowledge and skills, and always has a unique perspective

WEAKNESSES: sometimes TOO sensitive, lets herself get bogged down with past failures and others opinions, overwhelming her - tends to be lazy unless on limited time - sometimes too smart, overthinking things and making assumptions that later turn out to be incorrect - is easily distracted by other interesting things/projects - has a hard time deciding on what artistic pursuits to focus on, so unconciously avoids making decisions & procrastinates

:: Other Info ::
 Blue-Green Flower  The Convo Died
:bulletblack: Poison Joke Effect - "Stinker Tie",  is surrounded by a visible cloud of very potent flatulence....making it very hard for others to be around her without a gas mask.   Alot like the guy from "Stink Bomb" the Memories anthology.
:bulletblack:When she was very young she wanted to do all the things her older siblings could too, and came to the conclusion that she could get older by getting BIGGER, so she started to eat more at mealtimes.  It worked, but not the way she expected, and set an unfortunate precedent for her future self.
:o (Eek) 
:bulletblack: When she was very young she ALSO managed to wander away from home and was found at a construction site nearby, staring up at a dump truck filled with gravel that was about to unload. Luckily she was discovered before they did & avoided being inadvertantly buried.

:bulletwhite: Prefers to stay up late and sleep in (aka night owl).

:bulletwhite: Has always loved raptors, birds, and wings, and is known in the costuming community for her "realistic costume wing" tutorial. Is thinking of joining a stage or parade group to help design and make articulated, realistic costume pieces, puppets, or props.

:bulletwhite: Is certified to teach Equestrian as a second language (TESOL) and is currently in Neighpon teaching little foals and fillies~
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She looks very adorable! good job on this reference! :D
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Thank you kindly~ wink grin 
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Ermahgersh she is so chubby and adorable~ >w<
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Love the detail in your oc.
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Thanks a bunch~ :thanks:
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It really came together so well ans you gave a lot of depth and info about your character.

Love also how you included your baby nephew!
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Yup, he's a cutie~ :love: His design is still flexible though, not sure about his color scheme now since I kinda threw it in there, may have to age it up & see if it still looks ok...
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this is amazing!!
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Glad you like~ :D I'm happy to have finally finished it!
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