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Coming to CCEE April 28 - May 1?  Come visit us at Booth C05 in the BMO Centre!  There will be all three issues of Stray Sod available, as well as a variety of prints and handmade items.

Fig3 Location by tinkerbelcky
[EDIT - Aug 21:]  Commissions are CLOSED!  Thanks everybody!

Summer Commission Info 2015 by tinkerbelcky

Stray Sod Issue #2 For Sale Now! by tinkerbelcky

Issue #2 in print is now available to order! 

This issue includes all of Issue #2 and a fan art gallery.

Signed copies are available.

Prices are in Canadian dollars, and ships anywhere that Canada Post will allow.

You can go to Stray Sod's website to read the issue, or read it here on deviantArt!
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Myself and my two talented cousins have a booth at the expo again this year.  April 16-19, Booth C05 in the BMO center, so come say hello!  Those of you who have your own booth, I look forward to seeing you too.

We'll be selling lots of prints, some handmade jewelry and bags, and issues #1 and #2 of Stray Sod will be there too.  Special for 2015 we've done some classic 80's cartoon prints and a new collaborative concept art book called "Fairytales."

Fig3 Location by tinkerbelcky
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Stray Sod Issue #1 For Sale Now! by tinkerbelcky

Issue #1 in print is now available to order! 

There are special offers for the first 30 orders!

  • 10 packages include a signed copy, a FREE set of 5 Stray Sod buttons, and a FREE oversized-postcard print of the last page of the comic
  • 10 packages include a signed copy and a FREE set of 5 Stray Sod buttons
  • 10 packages include a signed copy and a FREE oversized postcard print of the last page of the comic
There are only 10 of each offer.  Go HERE to check it out!  Prices are in Canadian dollars. 

You can go to Stray Sod's website to read the issue, or read it here on deviantArt!
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I will be exhibiting at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year!  You can find me in the Big Four Building at the Figure 3 Illustrations booth, and if all goes according to plan I will have print issues of Stray Sod Chapter 1!  Come by and say hi!  There will be free stuff.  And candy!

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I haven't contributed to the webcomic world since the days of Keenspace.  Since then, I've been through art school and have had a few years to further develop following graduation.  I still don't feel ready.  I'm nervous, procrastinating, and questioning everything.  But, to put it simply, it's time to tell a story again.

So come on over to and start this adventure with me.

Also!  Two other artists I admire have recently embarked on webcomic adventures!  You should check out Hookyland (mature content) by Sarah-Petrulis and Lost in the Vale by CrystalCurtisArt .
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...agonizing over who to put in my block of 64 deviant icons.  I am so paranoid about hurting anyone's feelings by leaving them out (even if they haven't updated their gallery in forever-and-a-day) that I finally gave up.  

Someday I might be able to come up with a system where I can post less than 64 icons without feeling like I'm alienating any of the lovely artists I follow, but that day is not today.  I think my brain's about to explode.

So I'll just assure all of you on my watched list that I still love you.  Please see my "Friends" widget for the most recent 20 artists I've fallen for, and click "All Friends" for more details.  :heart:
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For those of you who don't know, I limped peg-legged through NaNoMangO this past month, but managed to achieve 30 pages!  30 pages of what, you may ask?

Why, 30 pages of Captain Dax's adventure, briefly hinted at in some earlier uploads.

Some people were wondering what happened next.  So was I.  So if you'd like to find out, or know already but would like to see the pages in color, keep a weather eye.  I will be uploading them as I finish them here:…


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[EDIT: JUNE 6, 2010]

mizutamari is now raising some money by selling her store-bought CD's for $2-5 each.  Go see and help a girl out!  I bought some things from her DVD sale a few months back and couldn't be more happy with them.  :)

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Dude.  Have you heard about Toilet Genie yet?

I just got one.  You should get one, too.  blix-it is realizing her dream, and that is the Most Inspiring Thing Ever.

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Mango and Skins

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 2:59 PM
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I'm participating in NaNoMangO for the first time this year.  30 pages in 30 days.  I love it!  You can check out my progress on my sketchblog.

I'm also posting to test out my first attempt at a CSS journal skin.  I have this subscription so I ought to have fun with its capabilities.  Credit goes to quentinwrites who made a fantastic tutorial that gives you the code and you just populate the variables yourself.

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And my nose drips, also.

And in other news, for those of you who were excited about this book cover:… be advised it is not going ahead after all.

But that's all right, I've still got plenty to work on.  Like Animusians:…

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I've been a deviant since 2004, and I've just realized something.  It is a colossal compliment when a deviant favorites something into collection labeled "characters for my story."

Because I remember a time when I hated everything I drew (I still do, often, but that's healthy right?) and so I went around on the internet drawing on what others had created for inspiration for writing.  Storytelling is the only reason I was ever into visual art.  A lot of the time, someone else had the practice that could articulate people, scenery, or emotions better than I felt I could.

Often, when I favorite something, it's still because it makes me think of one my own stories.  (Or it's something I'd really like to learn how to do. Or because a piece is just very, very cool.)  So when someone collects something of mine to help them with their own storytelling, it makes me immensely happy.  I like wondering what they're writing about.

Hey.  Who doesn't know about Animusians yet?  Go check it out:…

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I suppose its about time I updated to say that I did survive Fourth Year and, what's more, I graduated with a Bachelor of Design.  I was worried with all the cold medicine in my system that I wouldn't remember the convocation, but looking back on the video, I do recall most of the speeches, which is good.  Didn't even trip, medicated as I was.  That little piece of paper now hangs on my wall, such an odd size I had to buy a special frame to fit it in.  

And not long afterward, it hit me with a panic that I still have so much I want to learn.  And now I'm on my own.  :slamhead:  Never pass up an opportunity to try something new in college--and I mean that in an educational way. :P  The instructors did emphasize it, but did I listen?  Psh.

So now it is time to repay the student loans and figure out what I want to do with all my knowledge.  But how are you supposed to get on with life when it's ingrained into your subconscious that you still have homework to do?

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Mere days away from the end of the semester.

I'm just sayin', in case any of you are waiting with bated breath to see what I've been doing these past four months.  There is a tonne to be uploaded, and next week, you should start seeing it trickling in.

But first, I must battle my own fatigue and the fatigue of my desktop printer, and squeeze out these last few assignments.

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I'm bumping that quiz off the profile page.  Not that there's anything new to report, of course.  There was almost no art to be had at this desk over the break.  I almost almost got a new character design done.  I had it about 85% colored and then decided I didn't like her anymore.  But she'll have to wait; I'm back to having a class every day.

Just one more semester, and then I get that piece of paper with my name on it and I can frolic through the fields of happiness, because I have achieved my life's desire.  Yup.

Me for the next four months:  :slamhead:

Me at the end of four months:  :movingon:

And just because I saw it, I also have to share this emoticon:  :library:

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