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FTL: Kestrel Cruiser

By Tink29
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Croiseur Kestrel, d'après le jeu FTL: Faster Than Light.

Kestrel Kruiser, from the game FTL: Faster Than Light.
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This is a great painting; one of the best 3D representations of the Kestrel that I've seen so far!
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Je le trouve un peu plat, mais c'est vrai que dans le jeu tout s'étale sur un seul étage.
En tout cas, beau boulot!  :D (Big Grin)
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Sorta looks like the Defiant from Star Trek Deep Space 9.
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Nice I would like to see how other ships would be drawn. Tried searching for mantis cruiser not very good results.
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Thanks ! Maybe I will draw some other ships, if I have time. :)
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I second this. Amazing drawing by the way! Love how large you've drawn the Kestrel here. Really nice work!
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ça y est tu te lâche complètement sur FTL ? :)
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Complètement, c'est un grand mot. :3
Je me lâche quand j'ai le temps !
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Nice one, I daresay.
What would be the next? Maybe entire Federation fleet?
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Thanks! :) It would be a great picture, but I lack of time to make it right now, and I must do some sketchs of the different Federation vessels before painting the whole fleet. ^^
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Carry on. I will be bloody glad, if some time I would see your picture with the fleet.
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Je peux pas m'empêcher d'avoir "I need a hero" dans la tête. Je suis désolé...
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Never thought Kestrel wolud be that thin. Nice work, by the way. Please do more FTL.
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Well for the most part the ship has only 1 deck with a few exceptions such as the Mantis Cruiser and the Osprey with the pilot room in the middle and you can access it only through the side/rear which may suggest one of the rooms as a ramp. 
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If I have time for it, I will try, thanks ! ^^
I find it better with a thin hull, especially for the cockpit.
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