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Hello abandoned group. 
this used to be like my entire world, made my first account about 7 years ago (12 years old) . im currently on here and i am now 19 years of age and everything on here is so fucking nostalgic! i wish it was as active as it used to be....that'd make me super happy on so many levels. Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1] Miuna Crying Icon Heart free avatar 
Its already dead back then, but even more dead when Flash was terminated. RIP TinierMe, RIP Dream Selfy.
Yknow if I can go back to a time when things just were a lot simpler id definitely go back to the friends that were like family on this site. Ive just logged into this account after years and i think about this game so much, At least ive still got osrs
Too bad DreamSelf isn't working.....:( I wish that the creators do something about it........