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manga studio is fun
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Merida- I Just wanted to change me "Fate"
Great artwork, love that movie
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Totally awesome idea!
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omg! i could just see her in the KH manga here ^^ hahha sora would fail at archey XD
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wahh!! that's a really good idea!!! hnnng.... i want that now....
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aw hahha too bad they dont make them the US versions anymore DX
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you mean translated?
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yeah tokyo pop never sell them anymore *pouts*i wish cause i have the whole manga series that were only translated in the US the only way i can continue is online TT^TT
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yeah... it's pretty horrible how people get so annoyed at fans reading stuff online, but... it's not like we can get it another way. and the stuff I can find where I live is like... 4 times the cost of it in the other language OTL (not to mention really behind)
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wow well hey we cant complain i always save some of the manga artwork for refense hehhe i love all of the manga artwork for kh its amazin XD
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Haha I actually find it nicer to read manga in book form =3=
oh, i actually have all the KH1 manga books, they're kinda thin iirc... But i really love the art
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Great job :) It must be hard to draw all that would for me
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it was OTL took me longer than doing the lines for everything else combined..... haha
oscar-ojisan's avatar there really a merida manga ? :D
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i... don't know. i don't want to rule out the possibility...
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