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Secret Santa Exchange - Wishlist!

2 min read
This is for the Secret Santa Exchange for 
Category: Digital Drawing (Human)

Hi Secret Santa!

For my Wishlist, I would like a drawing/illustration (can be digital or traditional, I'm not picky) of one of my OCs from my webcomic, White Angel!

The main characters (that have made appearances so far) are: 
- Sophiel - a fallen angel with a fragmented memory. Her age is unknown but her appearance is that of someone who could pass as a 17 yr old. She's 5'6", long white hair. Image Refs: Page 2, Page 16, Page 25

- Ryan Evans - white american boy, and older brother to Sarah. A reformed party boy (until an accident in the family caused him to become the primary caretaker of his younger sister), he's a good responsible teenager now. 17 yrs old, 5'11", light brown hair. Medium physique (he used to play sports competitively). Image Refs: Page 7, Page 21 and This Character Sketch

- Teo Nagasaki - Ryan's best friend who happens to have a secret life of Japanese Demon Hunter Trainee. Teo is Japanese-American, 16 yrs old, 5'7", with the black layered hair of a bishounen (he was inspired). Lean physique (the unfair kind that asians who eat anything they want can have). Image Refs: Page 47Page 48Page 54

There's a bunch of side characters too if you are more interested in one of those. As for pose/environment/etc, I'll leave that up to you. :)

Thanks! And happy Secret Santa-ing. :)
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Who's going to Fanime?

1 min read
A friend and I are thinking about getting an Artist Alley table at Fanime again this year. Just wondering if anyone else is planning on going too? :)
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Devious Journal Entry

4 min read
Just came back from Fanime and it was a lot of fun! Met a lot of really nice people and saw a lot of awesome art and cosplayers in the Artist Alley.

While I do plan to update on the con, I wanted to post this here first:

So, with the script of White Angel underway (almost done with Part 1!), I figured I ought to stretch myself a bit and test my manga skills with some practice drawing.

This took longer than I had hoped it would, partly due to other priorities (I do have a job, after all), but also I don't think I realized just how much time and dedication goes in to a manga page. I definitely have a greater respect for manga creators and a stronger appreciation and understanding of the need for assistants.

I chose a page out of one of my favorite mangas, Rurouni Kenshin. I really admire how the comic's pacing is laid out between action sequences and dialogue. In particular, I wanted to focus on a night scene, since Sophiel's first battle (falling from Heaven) is in darkness. Everything I did was in Manga Studio Ex 4.

First step was a quick thumbnail drawing, to get the positioning and character stances right, sort of a way for me to get an understanding of the intended composition, stripped away of all its bells and whistles.

Next was the pencil sketch. It was incredibly tempting to skip this step entirely and just copy/paste the actual manga page behind as my reference point for inking. But then I'd be missing a lot of the lesson. So I stuck through it. In hindsight, I did leave a lot of detail out in this part, such as the trees, grass and backgrounds. While, for instance, the trees were blacked out, having reference lines for those little sections where it wasn't would have been helpful. I get the feeling that an ink render does remove some of the pencil details, but the pencil details are still needed, even if they feel like a waste of time.

A quick draw of the panel borders. Now I feel ready to ink!

This was probably the most difficult step to do. The crosshatching and focus on the details of the strokes took a lot of careful attention. There's a lot of care placed in a pen stroke that isn't so apparent at first glance. But after doing it? Yeah…. Tough step. Trying to mimic this is Manga Studio became a lot of trial and error with different settings on the inking tool. For the most part? I used the G-pen setting and the Maru pen setting, toggling on and off the auto-correct to adjust for lack of friction.

Background was actually kind of easy, if not really tedious. There were a lot of times where I just stopped and tried to do a shortcut, such as a pattern brush or a pasted screentone, but going through the motions, you don't get quite the same look by cheating. There were some areas where I caved, such as the edges of the trees (used a leaf pattern brush) and the white outline of Kenshin in the center (a crosshatch pattern brush), but everything else was a manual sketch. This is where more detail w/ the pencils would have been helpful in figuring out where the shadows and light were before working in "ink".

Screentones next, which were easy in themselves, if not difficult to find what would be useful in Manga Studio. I learned that using a brush to block out areas was not as aesthetically pleasing as using a tone brush pattern to clear out areas of tone, especially on the rendered moon. Not quite the same result overall, but it worked.

Finally, speed lines and a white border around the left and right close-ups of Kenshin and Jinei's faces to pull them out of the blackness of the backgrounds.
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Fanime 2012

1 min read
Fanime 2012 - just a few days away!

I will be sharing an artist alley table with :iconskydestinies: SkyDestinies. Come find us there!
Check out the work we're bringing to sell and say hi. :)

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Tagged w/ a meme. :P

5 min read
This is Glenn's fault. But I'll play.

Tagged by: :iconalbinogrimby:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.

11 Facts About Me:

1. I went to art school for undergrad, but work as a producer in games.
2. I own a dog... well, I don't. My parents do, but he's my baby and I miss him.
3. My favorite color is purple and has been purple since I first picked one. Although sometimes I wonder if it has stayed consistent simply because it's easier to stick to one than have to pick another?
4. I've played piano since I was 4.
5. I was great at math in high school. Then I sucked at it in college.
6. I can code when forced to do so.
7. I graduated grad school in 2010. Guess how old I am?
8. I used to love doing these thing via email when I was in high school.
9. I got in to games thanks to J-RPGs. But the first RPG I ever completed was Septerra Core.
10. I played Septerra Core with a page-by-page walkthrough I printed online. It was the only way a noob like me was getting through it.
11. I hated video games as a kid. Loved watching others play, but was afraid to pick up the controller myself.

Questions :iconalbinogrimby: sent (why are your questions so much more difficult than the ones you got?):

1. What is the thing you're most passionate about in life? That is, excluding relationships and obligations. This is the thing you most want to do with your life.
Fantasy and stories. And yes, it's vague.

2. What's the last thing you sat down to learn by yourself because you wanted too?
Skill-wise? A couple of weeks ago I spent a few hours trying to learn Visual Basic in order to manipulate this one Excel doc so it would push data to an internal wiki so I wouldn't have to do it manually. I had to stop after awhile b/c I had a meeting to go to.

I think my mode of thought is I learn things as I need them.

Learning about comic page layout, pacing, etc is an on-going thing. It blows my mind how Nobuhiro Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin) does action scenes, or how Takehiko Inoue draws his characters with a sumi brush.

3. What's something you always wanted to do but you didn't because it was difficult to learn, expensive, or time consuming?
Languages. I think it'd be cool to be able to speak the native language wherever you travel. But that's a lot of languages to pick up, isn't it?

4. How do you usually use deviantArt? To promote your art, find friends, etc?
I post art, I hope to get feedback but I have no idea how to get eyes on what I post.
I've never been one to have online-only friends. It's weird when I've never seen the person face-to-face... guess I'm paranoid or something.

5. What's the job you'd like to have the most if you could create your own destiny?
I'd be Neil Gaiman. :P Creating stories in all media.
Haha. I'd like to be successful enough so I could take vacation whenever I want and travel the world. :)

6. How do you usually spend your time after you've met all of your obligations for school, work, family, society, etc?
I hate routine. So something different is always good.

7. If there was one thing you could change about how you live your day to day life, what would that be?
I wish I didn't get tired so easily. I find a lot of those hours I sleep could be used elsewhere.

8. What's the one big lesson that you learned from your life experience?
Don't get so paranoid about what others think of you or what you do. Do it for yourself, no one else. You'll find, especially in the internet-connected world, there's always a crowd who will share your interests. And even if you're not the best at what you do, being the best won't really matter because you're doing it for you.

9. Why do you watch the anime that you do watch?
It's fun? I don't know. I kind of treat it like any other TV series, just with simpler emotions or more expressive characters.

10. Why do you do art?
For creativity's sake.

11. For question 1, 3, 5, 7: Why aren't you doing it? (If you are, then totally keep doing it)
1. it's harder than it looks.
3. That's a bit... unrealistic. Unless I spend ALL my time learning the languages. In which case, i'd have little time for anything else. And without practice, I'd forget them all too, so it becomes pointless in the end.
5. The starving artist alternative is very unappealing and has a higher percent chance. I'd like to be able to pay my rent and have health insurance.
7. I'm trying to be healthier. And my body says I need 8 hrs sleep per night.
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