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Sky Pirates

Balthier and Fran needed some love from me. :)

My 2 favorite characters from, probably, my favorite Final Fantasy game (FF12). Let me just say now... They both have evil costumes. Fran's helmet and Balthier's vest.... -_-" Can't believe I actually took the time to do that.

Colored in Paint Tool Sai and touched up in Photoshop. I'm... not sure how long this took. I sort of stopped midway and picked it back up this weekend. :)

I... might re-upload after some fussing w/ channels. This turned out much darker than on my Cintiq. Monitors are really finicky and I forget to check the different ones while I color.

Does anyone own a cintiq and have issues w/ color accuracy and brightness? I've tried adjusting the settings on my cintiq, but I can never get it right. Everything is just a lot lighter on my cintiq than on any other monitor. Making blacks not as black and etc.
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Pretty cool piece!

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i love tis gameeee
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You are most welcome! :nod:
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Keep it up,you have the skills that pay the bills ;-)
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Wow! Thanks. :-)
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I've veen playing lots of Child of Eden lately,that inspired me ;-)
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Great detail with their outfits, particularly Fran's headgear and Balthier's vest.
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Thanks! Those were so hard! You study the models long enough and you begin to notice... the character artist cheats!
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Yay the crazy fancy shirt turned out awesome.

Also, I have that issue with my monitors too ... I'm just hoping things will look good by the time I print them >_<
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