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Katie Bishop - OC

Name: Katie Bishop
Age: 22
Birthday: March 28
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lbs
Orientation: ??

Positives: Observant, Studious, Resourceful, Determined, Virtuous
Negatives: Flighty, Naive, Sheltered, Non-Confrontational, Stubborn

Katie is a dutiful person and believes in a higher power and the concept of fate/destiny guiding that higher power's followers to "the right path". She listens to the advice from the adult figures in her life and has taken to staying on the path set out for her by her elders,  trying to live by a code of morals and responsibilities. This directed life though, has led her to be somewhat naive about other aspects of society and therefore uncertain in how to act in some situations. Katie excels at her work, but is otherwise inexperienced. Flirtatious advances, passive aggression, etc can sometime go over her head.

Katie is not a confrontational person. Instead of fighting she will often take a silent stance than express her own beliefs on a topic, even going as far as running away from a conflict if it is too tense. If she has a strong unspoken opinion, when she runs off, she will often run off to pursue her opinion in action on her own. She will dive into her project with an intense determination to see her way through, though admittedly, it does not always result in a successful endeavor. If Katie is ever proven to be on the wrong side of an argument and she has found no justifiable argument for her way, she will reluctantly accept defeat. It just takes a while.

Spotlight and attention are really not for Katie. She prefers to "work in the shadows" and let others deal w/ the publicity aspects of life. In social situations though, she enjoys learning about other people's lives, and especially when the engaging party can teach her something new. She’s more likely to make friends through work or study than out in more social settings. 

Uncle: Father Mark Bishop (yes, the name confuses people)

Cultural Background:
Ethnicity: caucasian
Nationality: Spanish/German/British descent
Religion: Catholic
Socio-economic status: middle-class

Role Play Methods:
Google Docs, Notes
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np x3 wanna rp
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Shes so adorable....-loves on-