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Broken Wings

A lithograph print I did last semester.
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Hey. Love this artwork. Could I use this for one of my blog post? Please contact me on my blog page ( so we could arrange something.
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Hi JaoRomero,

Sorry for the delayed reply. You can use this on your blog. Just make sure to credit back to me. Thanks! 
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This evokes so much emotion. It's beautiful.
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i love it. broken angel wings of yours now gave me inspiration with which i will love to experiment on canvas and papers today. thanks for such a feeling of details, i think i have just got back my motivation to make MY own art and not only that for college. thanks.
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Wow, thanks! It is really flattering to hear my work inspired you. Thank you for your kind words. :)
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sketchbook began to fill with same motiv now xD np thanks to you i have something in my head i want to realize now :D
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Cool! I do hope you share with me. :-)
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a very powerful piece, litho is not easy, the stone can be very unforgiving, but your tones are soft and sensual.
Hi...I love this soo much. i hope you don't mind if i use this for my art essay. and i couldent agree more that B&W says so much that color cannot.
this is amazing
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Lovely image! The anatomy and concept are wonderful. The shredded wings are beautifully done and the placement of the fallen feathers is well done. :love:
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Ah- love the composition and emotion- I want to try lithography sometime :D I've only done intaglio (engraving into plates into soft ground/acid bath- I've heard that the term 'intaglio' is pretty broad, that's why I specified ;D)
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Hi! Thanks for the compliments!

I like Lithography b/c of the intuitiveness of drawing on stone. But I think intaglio is really nice too. Each print has a unique touch, I think. And there are a lot more techniques you can do in intaglio than in litho. At least, that's my experience. :-)
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The amout of techniques for litho are emmense, the acid washes on a touche/ashphaultum mix would give you a beautiful soft backround for your image without over powering the sublty of the line. I think this only works on the stone. your image is stunning by the way, if your interested i could give you the name of an excelent book to get some awesome ideas from, i wont give it to you now because its like 4am and its on the other side of the room. ... anyways, lovely image note me if you want the name of the book.
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Sure! I'd like the name of the book.

I haven't done any litho work in a long time. Mostly b/c I lack access to any litho shops. But there are other reasons too (busy work and school life).
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This is tragically beautiful. I like how it's somber, even without much color. :) Nice work! definately faving this XD
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^_^Thanks! I think B&W can say a lot that color can leave behind. Glad you like it :-)
I've been looking for a decent piece of work depicting an angel losing its wings. FOUND.
I think this is great.
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Cool! ^_^ Thank you!
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I really like this piece.. awesum work.. great detail and using the stone differently is definetely creative.. I really like what you've done. If your teacher didnt like this, then he must have been on drugs. I love it.
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Ah ha! Thank you ^_^

Teacher was indifferent to it... but it might've been because of me than because of the piece.
... Let's just say... I was a bit of a dunce in the class.
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yeah... i was kinda half into my classes but still put out decent work.. or atleast work I was happy with.. instructors are kinda funny that way.. mind you, its our buck that we're puttin out to take the course.
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