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Fluttershy Cosplay - Yaaaaay!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay...!!...Too loud?~

Oh yass! A brand new Fluttershy picture is up! It's been so long since I went on a photo-shoot with this cosplay, and I was able to do so during my stay in New Zealand~

You guys aksed me if I planned to cosplay more ponies in the future, and I am! Princess Celestia is the next one on my list~ ^3^

You can support my future projects on Patreon now!

You can follow my work here:

Photo by Dawn of Dusk Photography
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To me, what largely "sells" a cosplay is whether the cosplayer is able to "play" their character in terms of expressions and at least approximate resemblance. Of course, Fluttershy the character is a weird cartoon pony, but there's enough in the many expressions accumulated over the years to kind-of-sort-of point to a range of human appearances she may correspond to (and the EqG one fits into that range, though it is also a cartoon style). You check out quite alright in terms of "passing for Fluttershy", which makes this work much better than many could hope for. You lucky Shy you.

Cosplay still holds up over the years, too. Nice job taking care of it, and I do like me minimalistic cosplays.
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Cutest Fluttershy ever.
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Nice Fluttershy Cosplay!