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An accurate depiction of every single one of my critics. If you disagree you're wrong and I hate you.
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i'm pretty sure a strawman is actually a logical fallacy in which someone sets up a fake point unrelated to their opponent's argument that they then make seem related to said opponent's argument, and then take down that point because they made it so it's easy for them to disassemble. in this case, it's not used appropriately, though i assume that's sort of the point

this guy isn't a strawman per se, he's just annoying
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I don't know why im laughing harder than i should be XD
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i see what u mean but if some one doesn't like your work its there opinion. an opinion is not right or wrong. I do like your comics too there cool it s annoying but when people say they hate my work i laugh its funny how these jerks think i care about any of the negative things they say about me or my art.

But just to be clear i think your art is cool and that its good not to care what bad things people say. ;3
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The comics style and your username somehow remind me of another Deviantart user...

GASP you are a parody of CSImadmax, am I right!?
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they should have inexplicably inflated
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I miss your comics ;~; Please come back, Pobson
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Criticism? Whats That?
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best punchline ever oh gosh <3
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Lets shallowly complain the night away.
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God, Strawman is so annoying. Always going around disagreeing with everyone's opinions. Good thing you can always shut him down with the laziest and stupidest arguments.
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Have you considered doing a comic about your tastes in video games? And you should add more diversity to your cast - maybe an animal character, or a child would spice things up.
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My name is Fuck You, the comic hater. Has a nice ring to it, donncha think?
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It needs moar nitendo.
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hahaha. I, as a random teen/preteen internet user, find this hilariously funny and convenient relevant to my life where everyone chooses to criticise me as such and I thus respond as such.

hurhurur. Don't you just hate it when people come up to you and give an actual opinion?
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Ah, I see that you've done another amazing comic Mr. Pobson, you go tell those haters how it is!
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They're all jealous.
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Is that that annoying scarecrow from Ocarina of Time?!
TindrewPobson's avatar
No it's my original character
do you see a hookshot target anywhere?
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Wait... it had one?!
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This is amazing. How does anyone dare to disagree with you anyway?
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They have nothing better to do. They need to get a life.
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