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DotW: Ruebane
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Published: September 1, 2014
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12/31/16 - He's back bb.
7/9/16 - At this time, Ruebane was not accepted into dotw. We'll have to wait a bit longer for him to come out of retirement.~
7/2/16 - New profile picture, his last one was getting pretty old. :v Made a few minor adjustments to his design.

9/3/15 - Ruebane has transferred packs after the Blutwald vs. Aryn war, and is now a member of Vektren! He has taken a nasty wound from the battle, leaving him blind in one eye.
2/9/2015 - A third and final re-design! I'm very satisfied with this one and will no longer change his design. Also Ruebane has moved up to the Gamma rank!
12/14/2014 - Complete re-design! I wasn't satisfied with his old coloring so I made him a new one and tried to make him look more like his father, who had a pure white coat but I didn't want him to look boring. His voice was also changed along with his theme song. Front leg anatomy is very screwed up.Stare 
10/12/2014 - Yay! Ruebane has become a Scout (Now an Escort)


Ruebane By Soluxevitaeli-daz3wp5 by Tinderlan

B A S I C  I N F O R M A T I O N

Name //
Age // Adult
Gender // Male
Height //  34”
Weight // 110 Ibs
Build // Has a long snout the slightly curves downward. His cheek fur is short with a bit of curl, as well as a light tuft of hair on the top of his head. A sturdy neck with an average strong body, long legs, and long wispy tail.


E T C.

Voice Actor // Even Peters [1]
Scent // Air after a rain shower and wet rock.
NewTheme // Last Agni Kai
Season Born // Early Fall
Zodiac Sign // Libra / Air Sign
New Scars // Blind eye after being punctured by Lawson  // Large gash under jaw by Lawson


F A M I L Y + P A C K  R E L A T I O N

Family // Amina (D) x Duckwing (D)
    Solitaire (half-sister)

Birth Pack // None / Outskirts of Ocean Rain
Adoptive Pack // Blutwald
Current Territory // Vektren

Rank //  Delta
Task // Viper



            Friends // none.
            Rivals // Lawson of Aryn

            Sexual Orientation // Heterosexual
            Currently attracted to // n/a
            Currently attracted to him // n/a



// Versatile

Ruebane is able to adapt to almost any situation. Being that he has born homeless without a need for others, plus the fact he had to travel through diverse landscapes and climate, nothing truly fazes him. Furthermore he has no problem dealing with any situation or problem.

// Trustworthy

Seeming like a bit of an eerie wolf at first, Ruebane is actually very easy to get along with. There’s no type of personality he particularly hates, which makes him a companion to all. He does, however, have a slight dislike for pups. Simply because he’s never been around them, their loud yapping and always-energetic spirits tend to annoy him.

// Crafty

Sneaky plans and getaways are right up this wolf’s ally. No type of training has made him so good and slipping through the shadows, perhaps it was just passed on by his father, who shares the same talent as Ruebane. He uses this talent to also play tricks on his pack mates, simply like leaving pointy barbs in a wolf’s resting nest or leaving holes in the ground for others to fall into. “Harmless fun”, he calls it. This skill also aids him in battle, when it comes to creative ways of injuring his enemy.

//Sometimes dismal

Rarely Ruebane will get moments of the one, earth-shattering incident that happened not too long ago,  causing him to spiral down into immense depression for a day or two. Even the greatest friend wouldn’t be able to get him to eat or even walk at this point. Time is the only thing that can heal his biggest wound.


Lionhearted in battle or sparring, even the strongest enemy doesn’t flinch Ruebane. Every living creature has a weak point, you simply have to find it and exploit this weakness on your target. This method keeps Ruebane safe at the start of a fight, nimbly keeping at bay from the opponent until he can see a kink, then using it to the best of his ability.

After being left behind in Blutwald when every wolf he has ever cared about died or left and his retreat from the Blutwald vs Aryn war, Ruebane has taken it upon himself to never become too attached to anything again. He feels that loving something will ultimately bring nothing but pain, as this is all that he has experienced. 



Born was a little brown and white bundle to a mother on a humid morning. As the pup grew rather quickly, he could always smell a faint scent of wolves nearby, but not as strong as the overpowering smell of salt that came from the ocean he lived next to. This was his favorite place to explore, running along the mushy sand and feeling the waves lap at his tiny paws, but when the smell of wolves got stronger, his mother forced him to retreat into the forest. “Who are these wolves mother? Why are we not allowed to say hello?” The gently she-wolf let out a small sigh and nudged her pup to the edge of the undergrowth, witnessing the patrol that was a long ways away near the edge of the mountains, but their figures and colors would easily be depicted.

“That, Ruebane, is your father.” She pointed her nose to one of the largest males. His coat was white as snow with a bit of grey on his back, along with piercing yellow eyes that glowed brighter than the others. “His name is Duckwing, and in the refuge of the mountains is a group of wolves called OceanPack. But we cannot ever go to see them, darling. Having a pup with me, an outsider is not permitted, and who knows what could happen to you.” With that, the female gently nudged her son back into the shadows, Ruebane’s eyes still locked onto the white warrior until he could no longer see him.

Now nearly a year old, Ruebane was nearly as big as his mother, but she still cared for him like he was a pup. A day came when the air changed, and Ruebane would see the clouds coming from the ocean weren’t normal. They moved in spirals and caused the waves to crash onto land closer to the forest than ever before. He turned to see his mother looking at the mountains in remorse, as if feeling sorry for something that was about to happen. “We must go, my son. That storm is going to flood the mountains; I have witnessed it before with this pack. They will retreat into the forest, and when that happens they will pick up our scent, and they will find you. We must go, now, somewhere we don’t have to hide.”

With that, the pair of mother and son left the ocean far behind them. This killed Ruebane, he loved the ocean and it’s relaxing sounds along with its scent and the way it seemed to go on forever. For months these two traveled, over mountains, through snow, and dark pine forests. Each pack they encountered was too hostile to even let them speak, so they were forced to keep moving south. Then, on a chilly Summer morning, the scent of wolves blew strong over a wall of tall mountains, but Ruebane could spot a small passage where the mountains looked smaller; possible to climb over. “This way mother! Maybe these wolves will let us stay!” Ruebane seemed excited about this scent, it smelled different from the other packs. It smelled..like a home. His mother, on the other hand, seemed not so sure. She looked at the climb with hesitance, but slowly followed her now larger son. About half-way up, the jagged rocks were covered with a thin layer of ice from the freezing rain the day before that froze overnight. “Maybe we should wait until it’s not so slippery, Ruebane..” His mother called, but the male didn’t seem to slow down. “Don’t worry mother! Once we get other this mountain we can finally rest, I just know it.

You can finally have a home..”

As soon as Ruebane finished speaking, he heard a small squeak come from behind him, followed by the sound of a few rocks rolling down along with a faint thud. For the first time in his life, when he turned around, his mother was not behind him. Quickly sliding to the edge of a rock outcrop, he looked down. She was several meters down, limp, with a few small boulders covering her body. He stood frozen, with an expression that was impossible to make out. For hours he stood there, watching as a light drizzle came from the sky. Everything was silent, nothing but the noise of tinkering raindrops as they hit the rocks. There was no sad goodbye or meaningful speech, just a split moment where the one thing he loved was taken away from him. Sunrise came, and the brown and white brute was able to lay down the night before, curled up with his forepaw covering his nose, an endless amount of tears visible on his soaking wet paw.

Suddenly the sound of claws against rock from above made Ruebane lift his head, a sudden smell of danger coming over him. Getting up, he remembered he was trapped on the rock ledge. Over the rock came a huge brute, gold and black was his pelt with a large scar across his left eye. His harsh green gaze sent shivers down Ruebane’s spine. “Who are you.” The wolf demanded, tail pointed straight in dominance. “R-Ruebane..loner..” Remembering the name of his father’s pack, he added, “..My father was in Ocean Rain Pack.” Suddenly the brute’s gaze became slightly softer, but not by much. “Come.” His deep voice bellowed, turning to disappear over the top of the rocks. Ruebane hesitantly followed, forcing himself not to look back once more as the place where his mother lay. Heaving himself over the top, the wolf lay eyes on the lush land of Blutwald, taking in the scent of comfort that came with it. Perhaps this would be his first home, but without his mother, nothing felt complete anymore.   

 G R O U P  S U M M A R Y
  • Ruebane first made a home in Blutwald, where he met several wolves who had the bloodline of those in his father's pack, Ocean Rain. However, both ended up disappearing, leaving Ruebane lost and alone. Blutwald soon started to crumble. 
  • Ruebane fought in the Aryn vs. Blutwald war, taking on a wolf, Lawson, in a brutal battle which ended in a tooth being driven into Ruebane's left eye, leaving him half blind. He fled from the battle, never seeing the members of Blutwald again.
  • Ruebane traveled for several months, alone and with all the time in the world to think of all the companions he's lost. In early Summer, a great earthquake shook the Domain to its core. Ruebane soon needed to find a new home, one that welcomed his darker side.


// Takes comfort in rain, but lightning sets him on edge
// Favorite food is fish, so he makes the effort to hunt in the stream as much as possible.
// Gets slightly panicky when he’s alone, but he doesn’t let it deter his actions.
// Don't look at him in his bad eye, he doesn't like it.

More extras and information will be added soon.

R O L E P L A Y  T R A C K E R
Ruebane Medallion by Tinderlan
Ruebane is open for three roleplays at a time.
            1. In process with :iconanhurs: + Lucien
            2. In process with :iconhalkuonn: + Hekate
            3. In process with :iconbaseballfan2414: + Belladona


B O N E S / A R T

//Special Event Memes (before Jan'17)
DotW - Ruebane Age Meme (+1 Bones)
DotW MSE: Other Creatures  (+2 Bones)
DotW: Ruebane Pairing Meme (+1 Bones)
Suncrest Valley (+2 Bones)
Origins Meme (+2 Bones)
Reaction Meme (+2 Bones)

//RolePlays (before Jan'17)

Learning Blutwald Secrets (+1 Bones)
Trade Secrets (+1 Bones)
Drums of War P2 (+0 Bones) 

New Vektrani +1
Sibling Meme +1
-3 bones Delta
Kiss Meme +2
March MSE +2
Bonds meme  +3
The Posse I, II, III +1

Total Bones Currently: 9


Ruebane icon by SoluxeVitaeli

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I've been re-watching TLA recently it's 👏 too 👏 good 👏
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Nice scars ;D
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I wonder who he goes them from? :shifty: 
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Tenzin Shrug 
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AHH sorry but I must give comment again! ;w; 
I love him soo much!!! His design, everything looks great!! <33333
I am in loveee!!! *www* //blush so hard!!!! :heart:
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;w; Thank you so much!!
Are you possibly planning on ever bringing a character into dotw? If so, I would love to try and rp with you sometime! Heart
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Awww you're welcome sweetie!!! <333
Hahaha yessss dear, hah I am in the wait list hmmm I think it is 5months, what I am in the DotW wait list. And I have one pup which go to the Vektren territory!!! <333 This is she: fav.me/dauejj7

I will sooo happy when we can do RP when I will in the group. :heart:
And sorry for my English, is terrible!!! ;w;
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Incredible do you take art trades?
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I am currently not open for art trades at the moment, but I'll let you know if I ever decide to open them. ^^
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Ok cool thank you
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demands an RP with Sionn because I can't believe I hadn't asked for one already holy cheese
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YESSSSSPLS that would be so cool, his three rp slots are taken but they're going pretty slow so I can start another now!
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oh a collab sounds fun, I've never done one before! Is it fine to do one without them really knowing each other? I suppose the collab would be them meeting.
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Yeah! we can just do a picture of them meeting/doing an activity together and it would still count as them meeting!

Since he's a Viper he could be talking to Sionn about possible tasks, or she could take him out and show him the traps to avoid 

I would be honoured to be your first collab partner :D
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Oh, okay!

Since Rue just became a Viper, I think it would be cool to see Sionn explaining his new job to him, with Rue being generally interested xD.

I'm excited! Is there any part you prefer? I find coloring to be fun but other than that I don't really mind what parts I get. ^^
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Sounds good! Since Sionn is the only beta at this point she'll be happy to show Rue the ropes! 

hmm, well I can do the sketch/line if you want to do the colour/background then I can finish it off with shading/effects?
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Sure! Thank sounds fun. c:
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