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This is my newest obsession - a sadly very underrated comedy tv series called COMMUNITY. Those who know the show have probably fallen just as fast as for it as i did, those who don't - shame on you :P

I love making fake movie posters, so this is a fake poster for a fake movie of a fake tv show ... from a real tv show...

(on the Comic Con the cast mentioned they would do an Inspector Spacetime convention episode with everybody in costumes ... so this poster idea might not be too far off)

I like how it looks, though i'm a little sad i couldn't include all of the main characters from the show (Shirly and Pierce) and i was too lazy to make actual fake movie credits and used a texture instead (if you can read them you have really good eyes or mine are just so bad).

BTW, because i saw some complaints about Daleks being in the poster instead of Blorgons - i only had crappy screencaps of Blorgons so i used the Daleks because they simply looked better. I didn’t think it would make a big difference, but then i didn’t think so many people would see the poster.

Please no reposting without my permission and crediting.
The pictures used in the manip belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.


background: [link] , [link] , [link]

manips: [link] , [link] , [link] Google Images

textures: [link]

brushes: ron bokeh lights
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Very well done!
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How can I purchase this in poster form??!? Please email me lauren.lola.kennedy@gmail.com :D
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I'm sorry you can't purchase it, because I don't sell my edits.
However you can always go to the next copy shop and print it yourself :)
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cool!cool cool cool!
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I love that show, and is not underrated, is what I call, a craft-tvshow
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I meant underrated as in that it doesn't get enough attention and doesn't have enough fans.
I wasn't referring to its quality.
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Yes, but more blorgons and optic pocketknives?
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my od, annie and britta lok really good!
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"Inspecta! Where are we?"
"Not where, but when."
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That is too cool! Makes me wanna rewatch the InspectiCon episode. Awesome job!
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Oh wow this is the most amazing thing
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COMMUNITY!!!!! I just got the third season on DVD. PURE AWESOMENESS!! It's a shame that it isn't on tv more; no one has any idea what I'm saying when I talk about it. But it's kinda cool when it's underground coolness.
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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it's very sad Community never got the credit it deserved for being such a incredible show so far.
Maybe that will change with the airing of the new season (whenever that will be).
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Holy crap! This is so cool! I hope this is the movie in #sixseasonsandamovie

I hope you make a poster of the Modern Warfare episode, too! HAHA
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Thank you so much. A movie like this would be great, but i'm already happy if the new episodes are no disappointment.
I don't really plan anything beforehand, so i don't know if i'll ever make one for MW. :D
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Yeah, I hope they'll be good even if it's Harmon-no-more
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Awww, i don't know what to say. Thank you very much :heart:
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The most epic poster EVER!
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Nah, you're too flattering :blush: but thank you, i'm happy you like it.
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