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some wonderful stocks to get you in the festive manip mood :) x

Please read rules regarding all stock

     3197172zzpq5l9lg5 by TinaLouiseUk   

Precut Photo

<da:thumb id="495210035"/><da:thumb id="494799881"/><da:thumb id="494439967"/>

  Blue gift box by TinaLouiseUk  Christmas collar by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Cut-out stock PNG 27 - young deer by Momotte2stocks<da:thumb id="571897541"/><da:thumb id="575734789"/><da:thumb id="575365839"/><da:thumb id="571895000"/> Christmas Mouse by magicsart
Santa Xmas Christmas Globe by magicsart<da:thumb id="573101029"/><da:thumb id="573100989"/><da:thumb id="572099642"/>
<da:thumb id="571897438"/> Schnee-Weihnachtsmann by gestandene Christmas Bow by TinaLouiseUk Gliter snowflake by TinaLouiseUk Gold glitter reindeer by TinaLouiseUk Christmas Fairy by TinaLouiseUk Christmas Stocking PNG STOCK by KarahRobinson-Art Fooling Nutcracker by YBsilon-Stock Christmas Tree by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Snowman by TinaLouiseUk Snowman by YBsilon-Stock sledge Stock by MariaRaute2


3D Renders

Christmas Lights PNGs by redheadstock Snowman 014 by poserfan-stock Christmas Ornaments n Ribbons PNGs by redheadstock 3D To Santa by zememz 3D Xmas Stuff by zememz 3D Xmas Trees by zememz Santa's Bag 002 by poserfan-stock 3D Xmas Wreath by zememz 3D Xmas Lights by zememz Christmas Tree and Gifts -Free Christmas Stock by BrianFP Christmas Gift Boxes PNG Stock by Roy3D Christmas Holly 03 PNG Stock by Roy3D<da:thumb id="484914360"/>


Photo stock

robin (erithacus rubecula) by Robert-Eede<da:thumb id="411301859"/> Puppy by SomethingWickedStock Winter Wreath 2a by Windthin<da:thumb id="495211266"/> Christmas 2013 stockings02 by amethystmstock Christmas Stocking by YBsilon-Stock Christmas Kitty by DreamscapeCovers Holiday Swag 2 by hyenacub-stock X-mas Tree at the Mall by hyenacub-stock Stock Christmas Present 3 by kikiochiachi Object 022 by Katibear-Stock Present - 16 by LunaNYXstock Stock 528 - Whoville Tree by pink-stock Velvet Gift Boxes 1 by FantasyStock gift 3 by Stock-Tenchigirl15 Late Christmas present for you by danzr4ever Christmas star by achatinastock Santa Claus with Reindeer 2 by FairieGoodMother reindeer stock 1 by Sikaris-Stock


Premade Backgrounds

UNRESTRICTED - Christmas Night BG by frozenstocks Premade Background FGM 117 by FairieGoodMother Various 51 - winter rabbit in his burrow by Momotte2stocks Christmas Scene Premade Background by Roy3D Free Background 34 by zememz<da:thumb id="272925022"/>
Free Background 54 by zememz Cute Christmas PREMADE Background by KarahRobinson-Art winter post background by indigodeep<da:thumb id="339463224"/> Premade-Winter by EnchantedWhispersArt Winter Background 2 by BlackStock Premade BK Stock 127 by FairieGoodMother Twins72-Stocks-Background-44 by Twins72-Stocks Winter landscape by chevronguy Winter Scene Stock by wyldraven



the Grinch by Fran-photo<da:thumb id="498615941"/> Crib 4 by inferno-sensus Christmas pin up 09 by GifsandStock<da:thumb id="416711449"/><da:thumb id="416078513"/> Yule Shopwork 2013-11-06 033 by skydancer-stock Santa 3 by MLeighS baby by VioletBreezeStock<da:thumb id="318766460"/> If My Dreams Get Real Bizarre by TrollKidsStock Mother Christmas XI by Eirian-stock Christmas Elf III by Eirian-stock Christmas Gift by TheMightyRaccoon Holiday Goddess 5 by mizzd-stock Christmas Bear 6 by SBG-CrewStock Santa 1 by Peace-of-Art<da:thumb id="104716230"/> Merry Christmas -snow falling- by angelcurioso Quiet Santa- Stock by Tris-Marie Red Christmas 02 by Fuchsfee-Stock<da:thumb id="190003268"/> Santa 2 by MLeighS

Merry Christmas!

798150rxxbbyqcbf by TinaLouiseUk   946791yitx1to9ia by TinaLouiseUk   1850859a19wx4s0g2 by TinaLouiseUk   796680fja5if2g62 by TinaLouiseUk

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Thank you so much Tina and sorry to be so late!