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Timeless Love

~⊰♡⊱~ ~⊰♡⊱~ ~⊰♡⊱~

Down in the abyss, she swims a fathom deep,
yet her sweet dulcet tones can be heard by man above

Her laughter intoxicates, he longs for the warmth of her touch

This bizarre ageless beauty, so profound, yet filled with grace,
her voice brings him so much joy, how his heart takes flight

His perennial journey takes him across the ocean vast,
he dreams of tomorrow, when they may share their first kiss

Feelings of euphoria reside within in his soul,
softly he blows kisses on the wind, in hopes that she may catch them

~⊰♡⊱~ ~⊰♡⊱~ ~⊰♡⊱~

Many thanks to those below for use of their wonderful stock :) (Smile)

Background: Frostbo - fav.me/d5ngcvy

Model: Mahafsoun - fav.me/d5dn5fw Photographer: Kenneth Kwok

Hair:  hellonlegs - fav.me/d5x8kwu

Mermaid tail: My stock - fav.me/d7lijtj

Ship: Moonchilde-Stock - www.deviantart.com/art/Pirate-…

Waves: frostbo -  fav.me/d4henl0

Plants: frostbo - fav.me/d4gl3o9 fav.me/d47zwm3

Bubbles: frostbo - fav.me/d4g9tdg

Rope: My stock - fav.me/d7tehrr

Barrel and crate: My stock - fav.me/d7ra4ss

Fish:  wolverine041269 - fav.me/d643q2j fav.me/d65c7ph fav.me/d60qq9g

Moon brush: At-Stock - fav.me/d6l646u

Birds: My stock - fav.me/d7tb1um

Cloud brushes: My stock - fav.me/d7juyqb

Hearts: MaureenOlder - fav.me/d1x3ad1


  • My work may not be printed, reproduced, copied, sold or re-sold, tubed, edited, modified, published in any way
  • Do not post on another website without permission
  • Do not create stock from my art

Thank you :) (Smile)

© All Rights Reserved TinaLouiseUk

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Keati's avatar
Her hair look terrible CURSE YOU! 
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Thank you hunni appreciate you taking the time to comment :)
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Thank you so much Hug 
pjenz's avatar
fantastic work and scene :heart:
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
appreciate your words thank you xx
pjenz's avatar
always a pleasure :heart:
marphilhearts's avatar
Nice work and lovely poem!!!
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Thank you so much :) x
marphilhearts's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
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