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Pearl Dragon - CLOSED

By Tinadactyl
Lil clam/oyster dragon that grows pearls and hides when grumpy, sad, etc.  Will dig under the sand with only its clam part showing.

Open to offers, USD preferred but will always look at other things C:. 
Will get full no bg image.
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Hiya!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work in a post called June Birthstone Dragons by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I love this piece -- it was too cute to pass up, since Pearl is one of June's birthstones!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the great work!
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Thank you for the feature and for letting me know. :) 
JamieLynWeigt's avatar
Of course!  Love the rest of your gallery too.  Take care!  :)
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Aw, its flipping adorable. Especially the way it "clams up".
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Great design!! Really original <33
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Thank you so much C':
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You're very welcome <333
Tinadactyl's avatar
Went with another offer thank you so much though for the offer <3
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Aaaa what a cutie!!!
I can offer this adopt:
 Solitare by ASTRlSK (they were $10)

I can also offer art, HP (for Tokotas) AoAs, slots to a curly, etc, as well as a background for group apps/etc (like this Eternal Frost app3).  I really want this dragon aaaaaa
Tinadactyl's avatar
Went with another offer, thank you so much for the offer though C;
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Holy shit, I really love this design!! AAaa unfortunately I can't make USD offers right now, but I can offer a few other things:
- A fumi MYO slot with any breed (excluding the transformations, which are mutant, seraphumi, wendigoomi, and faerumi) any class for breeds that have classes, any regular and premium features, and up to 2 restricted features + the thumbs/dewclaws restricted feature on top of the 2 restricted feature slots, if you'd be interested in using them.
- Designs from here, possibly multiples: Tier 1 | Tier 2 | ??? Tier

I could also combine those offers, and trade the MYO slot + one of the designs that I linked for your pretty draggenn
Tinadactyl's avatar
Thank you so much!  So glad you like the lil bit C':.
I would love to trade for the myo x.x if you're still interested <3
Fumi-LEX's avatar
I'm still very interested omg!! I'll mark you down on the MYO slot archive, you would have an unlimited time to work on it so no rush or anything! Also here's the info center, the part marked with required reading will be super helpful for a MYO if you haven't seen it yet: Information Center + FAQ
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Thank you so much C':!  
I will note you the full sized file.

Thank you again Fumi <3.
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I got your note, thank you so much again as well<3
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Oh man, this is super creative and there so cute! ;W;
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