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Since it's been a while from my last words here, it's time to update things a little. The just come and gone month of July has just been frantic, I've barely had the time to breathe every now and then.
Among the important news it's time to number:

:bulletwhite: I've spent like many days kinda living with, going to the seaside and swimming pool, enjoying my time  and taking a gazillion photos with my beloved friend 6eternity9. And believed she was the reincarnation of Baophometh.   
:bulletpurple: I've been high on weed like most of the time, which explains the former point. And also sheds light on why part of my hair has been dyed emerald green by the sweet lady I was mentioning before. But leaves black holes on maaany other things I've done.
:bulletblack: I've been singlest of the singles for already two months now, and I'm kinda enjoying this new status of mine. Not to mention I've been in Rome three times in a month, and no, I'm not that huge fan of ancientromanarchitecture stuff. Oh, by the way, love sucks. Anyway, I saw The Killers live, and they do kick asses.
:bulletpurple: I'm leaving to NYC-NIAGARA FALLS-CHICAGO in twelve days. I'm gonna be in the Big Apple from Aug 18th to Aug 23rd, and in chicago from Aug 25th to Aug 31st. Tour guides and anyone popping up to say hi, gladly accepted. Contact me for that.
:bulletwhite: I've finished my summer exams session and have already to study for the autumn one. Geez, when will it end? And oh. I've ended up 4th in the photocontest I was mentioning last time. Obviously the $blingbling$ prizes were up to 3rd place, but I'm kinda satisfied anyway. I'm gonna have my sh*t published on some magazine etc.
:bulletblack: I'm gonna attend a bar(wo)man course in a month, it's gonna be fun I guess. Self-produced alcohol wasting are always fun.
:bulletpurple: I'm officially in Love with Strawberry Frozen Margarita  (and Snowball too holy crap it's the world's best chupito!) and I guess my liver is waving me goodbye in a very short time.
:bulletwhite: I've had my hand read some days ago. It's one of those things I've always wanted to do but was too scared to have the guts to do that. It was weird, but I'm not saying anything. Let's see.
:bulletblack: I've been posing as a baaaaaad swingingsixtiesalike cuban boxeuse for :devmichaealangelo82: and it was actually Fun!

At The Corner Of Cuba I by michaelangelo82
At The Corner Of Cuba II by michaelangelo82
At The Corner Of Cuba III by michaelangelo82

Many other things happened [including I've been hooked up by Tom Cruise's lookalike -witnesses can prove it- but I'm way too confused to make up my mind and start dating him properly and start interpreting Katie Holmes' role, fff.] but I'm not saying a single word more. I've already said too much.

I Adore Macro Photography by dandelgrosso


Cancer by 6eternity9

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Lace shield the second by sonish

Country Life II by eulalievarenne

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millennium by bailey--elizabeth

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Love us by 6Artificial6


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Listen to my retro music,dear. by Bunnis


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