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Catwoman Vs Black Cat

By Tin0men
A commish by the always good, always great GIA !
For a great price on a great pic, please go send him a note and get a sexy-fun idea brought to life! <3

Poor Catwoman must have convinced Batman that she was gonna win this little encounter X3
Looks like he's out a few bucks...
Good thing he can afford it! and we all got another smexy encounter with comics fav cat gals! :D
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Love seeing selina lose to Felicia!

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Someone get Peter and Bruce a beer XD
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We might have to fire them both for not getting video of this encounter!!!! 
:D :D :D
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NAH, DON'T FIRE THEM! (Seiously though, i'm amazed at how you managed to draw all 4 of them)
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For your favorite? ;)
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Catwoman (DC), why not let Peter Parker having dinner with Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor, Alfred's an excellent trusty Butler, Sofer, Chef and Bodyguard
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Your answer confuses me... 0.o    

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Not answer, that's my next idea, why not invite Peter Parker in Wayne Manor for dinner, DC and Marvel do get along in their free time
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You want Peter and Bruce to have dinner? :0

No more sexy catfight....! Shock 

I think I've fainted. 
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Yeh, Boys' night, dinner party
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That would be very unusual for anything I post...
Might be funny :D
We'll see :D
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Main Event Catfight! that is What We See Here!
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Pay per view brought to you for free! :D
Yeah. Who's next,Black Canary vs.Black Widow?
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I don't really care about either of those characters...especially black widow...


when I'm in the mood i guess 
think it might be Fun to see Wonder Woman Fight Thundra? just asking.
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What's next, Black Canary vs Black Widow?
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no i am fairly certain we all won!
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That pose again :o :D (Big Grin) 
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A million times is too few sir!
Ten million more times! 
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Such great commitment :o
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