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May 29, 2007
Pixel Town by *timwork shows beautiful attention to detail. Make sure to give it a fullview and enjoy !
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Pixel Town

Phew.... finally it is done. This is my first pixelart in DA. Really tired to make a whole piece of pixelart (sweating) (*_*''')
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Bonepixel's avatar
Beautifully made, the colours really pop and overall very nicely done! Fav'd
ReignOfKarma's avatar
That's one freakin hell of a kickass pixelart you got there!
Props to that

TikToke (RoK)
Truepikapuff's avatar
Two things:

1. I can't believe you saved this in JPG. PNG = PwNaGe.
Madame-Patat's avatar
right! it takes so looooong time to create a whole scene with pixel! great work.
timwork's avatar
Thanks dude :D
aoi-doragon's avatar
Simply beautiful
magdamko's avatar
This is awesome!
Hypersonic8's avatar
am i allowed to use that?
timwork's avatar
for what kind of purpose?
pingchow's avatar
This is.....awesome to the max! how did yo make this dude?
bookwormgirl108's avatar
deep-scarz's avatar
Great piece of artwork!
Amazing tones!
vitaminsee's avatar
just wanned to say I realy enjoyed it. nice colors, open, easy on the eyes. although, I didnt like that little red house.
lookes somewhat, squezxed in or something.

anyway, I want it dead and replaced with a hippo.
I realy like hippos.
keep up the nice works :D
Oktanas's avatar
great job
Karmillina's avatar
La-Puce's avatar
Congratulation Thanks great nice.
lappy486's avatar
Wonder where everyone is... I love the artwork; it makes me want to know what's going on in the rest of the town...hey, wanna do the rest of the town in pixel art? Lol. :D I'm curious now... hehe
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