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My Bio
I may not be able to draw.
And I may not refine, edit, or plan my writing.
But at least I have ideas, and I can think. And that sometimes makes all the difference.

Current Residence: TheDesert
Favourite genre of music: Heavier Rock, but not Metal
Favourite style of art: Romanticized
Operating System: Vista?
MP3 player of choice: IPod
Wallpaper of choice: Puppies
Skin of choice: ?
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Theres too many to choose from
Favourite Writers
HP Lovecraft
Favourite Games
Killing Floor
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC or PS3
Other Interests
Zombies, History, and ATVS

What is Life?

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I was having a conversation earlier today about the possibilities of intelligent life other than humanity. I continued to think about it for some time, until I had a realization. That we really will never find the answer until we know what both 'intelligent' and 'life' classify as. What is the meaning of life? How will we ever try and comprehend if we can't determine what qualifies as 'life'. It all seems so simple if you stick to what is immediatley around us. But the universe is full of things we are alien to. So, what is life? According to scientific definition, life has a set of simple qualifications. But the fact of the matter is that
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There was once a great kingdom, named Anavalia, which had a population of millions, and whose walls where so large, that one sometimes couldn't see the bottom. The kingdom itself was one, huge city. No one could remember when it was first built, but there was a legend telling of its creation and divining it's destruction. It told that Anavalia was created by Giants, and that it would one day be destroyed by the sea. The legends were mostly believed by peasants. For the nobles, they were regarded as false as the tales of Giant man-eating worms at the bottom of the great moat. The cities layout said a lot about the society: In the very front w
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The world as we know it is beyond our comprehension. To ignore that fact is the pinnacle of foolishness. To pretend that we know what is really going on is a massive act of hubris. All of our foundations, even those we consider to be set in stone, immobile, are, at their foundations, perceptional. Instead of foundations of stone, they float atop foundations of breaking ice floating out on the open sea. Our own sense of self is not totally true either. Our own feelings of importance and even existence. If scientific though as we know it is correct, for example, we are nothing but a machines of enzymes and electrical currents. Our own minds, i
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