Where do they grow these idiots?!

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I invite everyone to check out the thread on my main page, the comments from some tool named Omar6. This guy looks through my inks and convinces himself that this stuff simply could not be done by hand. Its just "IMPOSSIBLE". He then goes on to lecture me about how digital is vastly superior to hand drawn art in every way right before calling me a liar, that I simply couldnt do this on REAL paper BY HAND. I dont know if I should be flattered or insulted. I flipped a coin and chose insulted. :)

Im just so sick of these fucking kids who plug in a computer and think theyve discovered the secret of art. Theyre so busy running thier mouth and never seem to shut up and listen. Whats funny is that almost every single one of these types cant draw a straight line let alone illustrate....which, I suppose, is why theyre so enamored with a machine that allows them to pretend like they can.

This isnt an anti-digital rant. I think Ive made it abundantly clear here that I dont have anything against digital art as long as its not being used as a shortcut or crutch for the lazy. It just chaps my ass when douche bags like this come along and, since theyre utterly incapable of doing what you do, attempt to invalidate the whole process simply because they can not wrap their tiny brains around it.

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Wow sorry so late to the game. I can't believe he said that. Only a kid would something like that.Tell him to pick up House of M: Uncanny X-Men graphic novel. I'm a newbie to using a computer for some of the stuff that I do. I still prefer drawing by hand.(can't even draw a circle with the computer) And coloring using a computer. I don't feel that I even have the right to talk shit about somebody else work.