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Wu-Tang Method Man cover

Heres a process image to a portion of the new WU-TANG-CLAN "WU-MASSACRE" album cover by myself and Chris Bachalo. This one features Method Man. Youll notice some subtle changes from the pencils to the inks. All a part of the commercial art gig....arbitrary changes. Yay!
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You do the Wu proud. Favorite band; nice work sir.
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I just created a Wu-Tang Art goup. look it up. It's just getting started. I'm looking for people that make Wu-Tang stuff. Tell your people.
awesome, Im really enspired by this wu massacre artwork as im currently in the early stages of creating a hip hop themed comic
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us wannabes really enjoy the process images,, thanx. beautiful stuff.
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chris is like the best at drawing skull heads
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First I've seen of it but wow!!
wow! excellent work!

WU iz da SHIT!
Love the way you made them look like Urban Super Powered Heroes!!! The Gritty style yet supernatural style of Method Man is awesome!!! Are you going to do all of them? I would love to see your renditions of the rest of the crew, like Mastah Killah and O.D.B!
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Thanks! This was all we were commissioned to do. Maybe next time! :)
So then the obvious question would be how much do you charge for Commissions?
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This was a big high-profile commercial gig, an entirely different animal. In terms of private commissions, it varies greatly depending on what youre looking for. Pencils, inks, colors, all three, how big the piece is, how much work is involved, etc. For the foreseeable future however, Im not taking on any private commissions. Im buried up to my neck in work.
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LOL arbitrary changes...I had a tough time choosing between the 3 but I think this one takes the gold in my book. Good colors and there's plenty going on in this pic, good job sir.
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Johnny Blaze, I'm sure Method man loved or will love this piece! As usual the dynamic duo of Chris & Tim strike again!
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nice ink... and the blacks shapes are in the perfect place to be... greate work
How much would something like this set me back?
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For what, the original? A lot. The band bought all the originals as part of the contract.
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Chris did the colors?!
wow, such a splendid artist.
great work man. really nice!
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