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This was another great opportunity to work with Jim. Once again, I wasnt really able to hit my stride but had the time of my life trying to.
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I love these before and after pictures.Theyr'e a great help to me.Thank's for posting them sir.
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It is rather hard to find a good Superman on dA, but it is hard to go wrong when you have Jim Lee's pencils and your inks. ;)
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you're a lucky guy a lot of Inker's would do anything to ink Jim's pencils
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you such a skilled inker..liked this page ^^
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Awesome! I would love to color it!
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This is great, you really gave some thick and thin lines to those muscles which gives it a lot of power; I have to aks, how long did it take you to ink it? 'cause that last panel seems like lots of work in precision.
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Thanks! This took an average work day to ink. That last panel was actually pretty fast and loose, probably about an hour.
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Whoever pissed Superman off that much is either the biggest idiot in the world or a serious masochist ;)
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awesome! the lines are so clean and precise! fantastic!
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This reminds me a little bit of Art Thibert's inks over Jim, although that last panel would make Scott Williams proud.
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To even be mentioned in the same sentence as those two guys is high praise, indeed! Thanks!
The last panel is so freaking crazy!EXCELLENT!
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Great work on the Inks Tim. this is a great non Scott Williams page.
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AWESOMENESS!!! Jim LEE!!! heheheh. Man your inks KICK ASS in this page. Love the tones. Great! :#1: :trophy:
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I especially like that bottom panel. Very dramatic in the lighting.
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sweeeet inks ! my jaw is on the floor again !
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I don't think you give yourself enough credit. These inks look amazing and I think they do Jim's pencils justice. :)
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