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Classic Avengers sneak peak 1

By TimTownsend
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Ok. So I promised myself I was going to stop posting these until Chris and I were done but I just had to share my enthusiasm. As some of you already know, Chris Stevens and I are doing a series of classic Avengers illo's with me doing the pencil and inking chores while Chris does his marker-painting magic (I truly think he's made some sort of deal with the devil). Though we're doing each character individually, we plan on combining them in to a larger team shot. As of now we're locked in to doing the classic core members but I'd actually like to keep going with the idea until we have one huge image of as many of the Avengers as we can stand.

Ok...so now Im promising myself I wont leak any more of these along the way. We'll see how that goes.

This is just a roughly Photoshopped combination of the two we've done so far. Placement , etc. will likely change as we go along. Hope you dig!
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This is Great!!
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tan sencillo y ala vez espectacular!!
que tecnica ha usado para esta obra de arte?
saludos desde mexico!!
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You're welcome, my friend! You deserve it!
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Off the charts with the cool factor! Love it!
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Thanks, man! These were so much fun. Im dying to have some time to do the rest!
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mighty good!! can't wait to see more!
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Thank you! I cant wait to have time to do more! :)
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Oh man, that kicks so much ass! I'm a huge fan of both of you guys' work and seeing you to collaborate is awesome!
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HOTTEST collab EVER! Damn, I need to get to those colors!!!!
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Chris owned these. Cant wait to see your colors!
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love the style of these, you have really captured that retro feel
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i love this, ive seen other pieces like this one of other characters, but i dont seem to find them in your gallery so im not sure if they are yours or they are just similar xD
TicoDrawing's avatar
hehe i found the person that has the art i was referring to xD
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THIS...is awesome...I can't express how much I love this!
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Thanks very much! I really loved your gallery as well. Theres a ton of depth and creativity to your art. Looking forward to seeing more.
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This is marker?? Wow that's some blending technique!
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