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Battle Chasers page 18

This is a page from the one issue of Battle Chasers I did with Joe. When Joe decided to leave the X-Men to pursue his dream, I had the opportunity to go with him. It was, quite literally, one of the hardest decisions Ive ever had to make. I know, in the long run, it was the right thing for both of us but it was hard as hell nonetheless. Not being able to participate in Battle Chasers, to be a part of the best work of Joe's career up to that point, was pure torture. When Joe asked me to ink this issue, I was more than willing to put the X-Men on hold for a month to at least be a small part of what Joe had going on. Im very greatful for it. I still miss working with Joe but look forward to the possibilities of the random collaboration here and there. Viva la Joe!
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Heh. That is a marvelous page to work with, friend.
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This page is truly INSANE. I really love Battle Chasers. I'm in a drawing school, willing to do comics, and I'm really inspired by thoses amazing pages. I truly admire you. :D
TimTownsend's avatar
Thank you!!! And good luck in school. Thats great!
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Yeah I saw a video where joe said it took him a total of 24 hours total to draw this page. How long did it take you to ink it tim?
TimTownsend's avatar
Probably about the same.....maybe a little less.
rookie1178's avatar
...and this is just one page!!1 how could I not miss battlechasers? I can't lie though, darksiders is like joe mad on crack, it's looks too cool for words, so I can't complain about missing him from comics.
GibsonQuarter27's avatar
insane page...I love it!
aladecuervo's avatar
:wow: Wow, wow, wow!!!:jawdrop: Amazing. Lot of details, so clean.

:worship: Masters :#1:
LiamRSharp's avatar
I bloody LOVED Battle Chasers. Just gorgeous work.

So nice to see the clack and whites.


Cheers Tim.

TimTownsend's avatar
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Clack and whites?!!? WTF??

Shame you couldn't have done more with him man. You were a great team.


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dude- battlechasers changed my life. i think in the summer of '98 when i drawing samples, it was travis and joe mad that made me decide to draw comics for a living. this piece is a huge example of why you guys rocked the industry man.

my first serious set of samples was a 7 page battle chasers set. it was before the book was even out and i did the story based on what i saw in the wizard preview sketch insert. my story was SO BADASS ) to me. the art on the other hand... sucked SOOO BADDDD.
TimTownsend's avatar
Having to say no to jumping on to Battle Chasers with Joe was the single hardest career decision Ive ever made. Artistically speaking, it would have been a no brainer but I knew how slow production would be and had to think long term. Im really thankful that I got to do at least one issue with Joe and share in a little of the magic. Glad to know it meant something to you!
duss005's avatar
imagine how i felt when i had to tell them i wasn't able to DRAW battlechasers :(

and by them, i mean my mom.
TimTownsend's avatar
Isnt that what it always comes down to? How to tell mom?
Heavenly-Lights's avatar
Can you say, "HARD"?! Wow. Pieces like this are what pros are made of! And are incredibly hard and time consuming for both the penciler AND inker! Amazing work as always!
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This was the image that made me want to quit (trying to draw comics) when i saw it back in 2000 (i think it was a wizard magazine), lol.

i dont know how you inked this.

it seemed like an inker's nightmare.

bravo you two.
TimTownsend's avatar
Its pages like this that make me want to keep inking! Bring it! 8)
LeSeanThomas's avatar

This image reminds me of John Carpenter's THE THING.
TimTownsend's avatar
Lol. I thought the exact same thing. :)
RyanOttley's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaand there it is. The orgasm of this issue. Awesome.
SDex's avatar
whoa actaully this looks like it took a whole week to ink lot of details, and weight on lines are perfect! your ink on madureiras work its quite the best
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