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Batman Superman team up pg 1

This was a three page story Joe and I did way back when for a DC compilation book. How cool would it be to see Joe take on Batman?!
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Do you still have those 3 pages?
It's nearly impossible to find now... Except that first page I was unable to find your work and the work of joe.
I would like to add those to if possible...
Also I don't know who did the colors...
Could you help me? :)
Ulkhror's avatar
I'm so stupid, you uploaded all of them!
Thanks! ;)
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Whoever beat me to this on kwan's site - congratulations!! Just amazing.
TimTownsend's avatar
Im hoping the guy who bought one page from me got the other two.
daveofapocalypse's avatar
Ah! Agreed. It would be nice if the set was together. (And here I'd half-figured you'd picked them up yourself! The mystery continues...)
TimTownsend's avatar
I know who got all the BIG pieces. I forgot to ask if he got those two pages as well.
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Man, hardly any love on this one, huh. Crazy.

Dude, your inks are one of the few-actually quite possibly the ONLY inker-that I can honestly say I like the inks as much as or more than the original pencils. This particular piece had a lot of little details in the pencils that were just phenomenal, yet it didn't suffer one bit when you inked it!

TimTownsend's avatar
Thats as nice a compliment as Ive ever had. Thanks so much!!!!!
1pez's avatar
You're welcome. Thank YOU for being so good about your work. When I'm rich [just give me a few months] I'll have to commission you to do some inking for our humble little studio :iconurbanmyth-studios: ^__^
PsychedelicMind's avatar
:heart: beautifully drawn n inked~~ you guys r just amazing~!
RyanOttley's avatar
I've always loved your inks, I remember trying to ink this page back when this came out, and I looked at your lines for reference. No one can ink like you. This is great seeing these.
Roboworks's avatar
Great to see you here bubba! I love the stuff. Who doesn't? I'll kick their ass! :)
TimTownsend's avatar
And he can do it too, folks! 8) Great to see you here, Kels'! Your gallery is beyond fantastic.
scribblebri's avatar
This was/is an amazing piece all around... would love to get a print of this!!
scribblebri's avatar
speaking of joe batman, you ever gonns ink that sketch he drew you of bats?
TimTownsend's avatar
Ha! Good question. At this point I think Im the only guy on Earth who hasnt inked it. I still see people selling cheap knock-offs of that sketch on EBAY and at conventions. Yeah, one of these days Ill get to it.
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