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9 11 Tribute

By TimTownsend
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This was a piece done for the original Marvel 9/11 Heroes tribute book by me and Rob Haynes. Hard to believe its been 8 years already. God bless those who were sacrificed and those who, as a result, have sacrificed since.....and God bless America.
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I'd like to think that Cap was crying not only for the horror of the attack, but also being moved to tears at the heroism  and strength of the American people.
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Chills. Chills everywhere. My father is a fire captain. Looking at this....

Wow. It hit home. It hit fucking home.

Thank you for this.
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I am honored. Thank you and, especially, thank your father!
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Poignant piece.  Love it.
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God Bless America , god Bless those lost souls 
about to cry emote
 crying Sad Bulbasaur 
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rsp to all the heros that died on 9/11
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I just...I'm sobbing right now to this. This is absolutely amazing and yes, God bless America.
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Amazing... God bless America! :salute:
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You are an amazing artist man and this image still gives me goosebumps.
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I love how Caps all distraught but ordinary people are all heroic looking.
"Take five Cap well take care of this!"-America
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Its amazing how this irony, the actual point of the image, was lost on so many people. Read some of the earlier comments. :) Thanks very much!
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This has been featured here [link] :love:
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you are most welcome
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I love this...it's almost an oxymoron; the citizens comforting and helping the grieving superhero.
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Your tribute has been featured in my Journal [link] If you have or see any more let me know! I like the Captain America thing you did :D
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