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What is Christmas?

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Lyra then goes on to rant about the expansion of the Roman Empire, the dissemination of Christianity, and the appropriation of pagan symbols into local varients of the Christian religion.

I know ponies have Hearth's Warming Eve, which I assume is the same basic thing, but I know plenty of other people will ignore that and draw the ponies celebrating Christmas, so here's Twilight trying to introduce people to Lyra's nutball variation of Hearth's Warming Eve. She was doing so well until Lyra came along...
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Well, Twilight DID visit a humanized parallel universe,
So her now knowing of human customs such a Christmas isn't that far fetched.

(Lyra must NEVER know of that magic mirror..)
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Yeh, this comic makes more sense now that EQG is a thing. X)
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I don't know why Hasbro doesn't just make THAT a series.

I don't mean to start another soapbox here, but lately, the "Pony" series
hasn't had the same spark that It had in the beginning.

Equestria Girls seemed to re-ignite that old spark,
and I find myself more interesting in those films, than any new episodes of FIM.

Maybe Hasbro should just start over, and focus more on EQG.

(Of course, that is only MY personal opinion.)
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I dunno, I think it's just one of those things that happens with kids properties where, cos it gets passed from lead to lead, it loses the feeling of artistic originality it started out with. "Too many cooks spoil the broth", y'know? No one gets attached to it enough to push back against Hasbro when they want stupid changes.
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I guess the series really went downhill when Lauren Faust left the show.

or, as you might it: The Head chef left, leaving too many other cooks
who can't seem to agree on what to cook, and which recipe to use.
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I don't know that it went that downhill, I think it's just kinda stuck around an average level of quality. There's still good and entertaining episodes, I just think the second season was the most consistently good one. Every other season bounces back n forth from good to meh episode-to-episode.
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Yes, the seasons are like an apple tree at an orchard

MLP Applejack (Cute Smile) Plz (I see I got "someone's" attention, there.)

*Ahem*, as I was saying. the seasons of MLP are now like apples.
you have to pick out a few good, or passable ones from the many rotten ones.

There is no such thing as an Apple Tree that that has all good apples.
(same goes for a Episodes in a Season. There is no such thing
 as a season with no bad episodes, and only good ones.)
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Why is lyra obbsesed with humans
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Well, the fans saw her sitting like a human in one of the episodes of season one, and the fandom - desperate for memes - took that idea and ran with it.
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Don't know what to tell ya, bud. That's what happened.
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Send me a video link that prooves your fibbin'
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I don't think people have made videos explaining the origins of every pony meme. :/
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Megatron: "im gonna send a video of your death if u dont do it"
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Nearly a year late, but here ya go.
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Lol I was waiting for Lyra to pop up in one of the panels.
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we aren't human... *looks at self* O_O ima human... *jumps out of window*
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panel  4 really make me look like this :iconshibeplz2:
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Yeh, Lyra has that effect on people.
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