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Trick the Changeling

By timsplosion
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Man, Shining just can't get anything right, can he?

Originally, I wanted to animate this part, but I couldn't get a hold of the fandom voice actors that had samples on YouTube, because Google thought it was a good idea to get rid of the private messaging system entirely.

Part One: fav.me/d6srdft
Part Two: fav.me/d7mrwjb
Part Three: fav.me/d7oqwtb
Part Four: fav.me/d7p1eph
Part Five: fav.me/d7pntev

Next: fav.me/d7u9s0m
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MetroXLRHobbyist Writer

So, Changelings DO eat something other than "love."

(With those teeth, I always assumed Chrysalis is a Carnivore,
 and probably eats small animals, like Chickens, and Rabbits.)
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timsplosionProfessional Filmographer
I'm sure they can choose to eat things other than love, they just aren't built for it. Like with the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe.
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Mafiles50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are Idiot you shiny butt
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The plan was only a step Shining, one step!
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timsplosionProfessional Filmographer
Never underestimate the depths of idiocy people/ponies are capable of.
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One day Shining... you might save the day...
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MrDrPrFr907Hobbyist Filmographer
I wouldn't count on it. :XD:
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timsplosionProfessional Filmographer
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YuukotaaStudent Artist
I think I just almost died of laughter....xD
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Hes screwed
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LionheartedCreatorHobbyist Filmographer
I'm done, bruh! XD
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Adventure Time reference,
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timsplosionProfessional Filmographer
If it is a reference, it wasn't deliberate. XP
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TheChaiHippieHobbyist General Artist
hahahahaha idiot!
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TheMarioFan8881Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Raven: .......... Kill me.
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mady3261Student Artist
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uberbombHobbyist General Artist
XD .... cool  :happybounce: 
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Burning-Heart-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Lols! Clapping Pony Icon - Shining Armor 
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timsplosionProfessional Filmographer
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