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Spot the Difference

By timsplosion
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Alternate Title: Season Two finale in a nutshell.

Man, it's been a while since the last pony comic, hasn't it? Jeez, 2 months? Man, I really dropped the ball there. :P Anywho, enjoy!

Given how long ago the season two finale was, I imagine this joke has probably been done before but still, hope you find it funny.
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Hey, I can't tell the difference either.
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It's so difficult to tell.
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Whack them or shoot them. Only the enemy will take damage. Flames are good, since they actually show who's who.
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The only thing that'd make this funnier is if you showed a time laspes,
where the days, and nights pass a few times while Shining just continues to stare.
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That'd be more appropriate for the one where he eats the wrong muffin. X)
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THAT could work, too. yes.

As the original draft makes it hard to tell if Shining
really IS paralyzed, or just stunned to silence.

(of course, that comic could also be funny if he used anesthetic, instead
 and, just fell unconscious right as soon as Chrysalis told him that she ate the other Muffin.)
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Either Shinning is really stupid, or he's a genius at concealing the fact he's considering his options.
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Considering the series of these comics is called "Shining Armor is a Goddamn Moron", it's not looking good for Shining...
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You should see the others in this series. X)
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I've seen a few of them. AND THERE ALL HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Damn! You beat me to it... then I guess I'm not needed here. Head Bobbing Heavy 
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Shinning is listening to his Dick.
Chryssi is just a better lay than Cadence.
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That princess is a spy!
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Mymf mymf *brakes window and grabs flametrower *
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Idk who the sphee is, we need a pyro spy-checking.
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I think the ... left one is the false one... she screams and looks all mean and stuff... yeah... that must be Chrysalis!
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Makes sense to me!
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Who snorts first gets one between the eyes.
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