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Simple Chaos

Featuring Jayson Thiessen and Sibsy! :)

Yeh, having Discord on set for the making of the show must be real fun sometimes. But the best pranksters know that the simplest pranks are sometimes the best.

I've been trying to catch up now that uni work's mostly out the way, think I might have missed a few episodes, but I'm nearly there.
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Discord: i belive is will take to him 2 hour to finally get it * do nothing*

Wild fire: i say 4,if he do 4 hour , you give 10 bits but if he do 2 hour, i give you 10 bits, Ok?

Discord: Ok

Twilight: i say all 6!

both look Twilight: ?!

Twilight: What , is possible, oh no magic to make him fond or give to looking, got?

Discord: No problem!

Wild fire: I am ok with this!

6 hour later.

Jayson: a fond, no trap?! but is not possible.......(he past out)

Twilight: i will (Discord and wild give her thier 10 bits) he he he 20 bits, with this i will buy a new book!

Wild fire:.....i can't belive we lose to her....

Discord: well the good side of this we have a good laugh..Right?

Wild Fire:..Yeah..but is the last time i bag money!

Discord: same here!
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This is why I love that Discord. (:
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What was Jayson saying?
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What, in his censored swearing panel? Probably "Fuck".
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Well, it has five censor things, so... yeah.
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Either way, it doesn't really change the joke. You're free to imagine whatever word makes you laugh the most.
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Now, THAT is the essence of Chaos: Unpredictability.

People expect Discord to play some kind of trick on them.
So, for one time, he DOESN'T. which makes him unpredictable, again.

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Exactly. If you always do it, the expect it, and it's not chaos anymore! Gotta switch it up!
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Nice deadpool reference
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HHAHAH... good one discord!
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He knows his art.
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exactly me and my best friend
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Absence of trap is best trap :3
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And this is why Discord is my favorite charater from the show xD
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the best prank are the ones that don't exist like this comment... YOU SAY NOTHING *runs away*
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yeah, thats the best kind of pranks. u dont do anything and let other people´s paranoia do the trick :)
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Eyup - use your enemies own wariness against them. :)
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funny everytime. i think i put this in my fan made mlp spin-off.
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...he would do that, actually. :D
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i wont lie. i would totely do that to twilight
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